10 Best Summer Jobs Where You Get to Travel

If you like traveling, but you cannot afford it as much as you would like to, maybe the list of 10 best summer jobs where you get to travel is perfect for you.

We know that it is not easy to combine studies and work, but we also know that when you work a lot you cannot afford to travel that much, so with this list we will try to give you an alternative, at least during summer. There are many programs where you may get to work and travel during summer, even when you are a student, but for those who are still very young to do so, we recommend the list of 25 Best Paying Summer Jobs for 10, 11, and 12 Year Olds.

 10 Best Summer Jobs Where You Get to Travel


Generally speaking, summer is an excellent period for traveling. There are numerous options for everyone, and if you like sea, you can even make a combination of working and enjoying at some beautiful beaches. On the other side, meeting new people and exploring new countries are priceless experiences. After such adventures, you go home enriched with beautiful things, with some of the words from new languages, new friendships or maybe a new love. Everyone who has traveled and worked during summer agrees on one simple thing; this experience is a life changer.

The Internet is full of various options, so we concluded that it is really popular and exciting to search for the job where you get to travel during summer. It is why we really spent a lot of time looking through these numerous options, in order to provide you with the best possible jobs eventually. To manage to do so, several websites were very much helpful, and among them especially Summer Job Finder, Back Door Jobs and USA Today. Of course, we know that the most relevant experiences are exactly those firsthand, so we did not skip the discussions on Reddit and Quora, which helped us create our own list of best summer jobs where you get to travel, and we made it according to the monthly income for each of these jobs.

So, if you liked everything that you have read, and if you still don’t have any particular plans for this summer, this list is probably the best thing you can read today. Take a deep breath, lean back on your comfortable chair and let us take you through our list of 10 best summer jobs where you get to travel.

10. WWOOFing


No, we are not imitating dog barking, but we are suggesting you an amazing job opportunity where you get to travel and meet amazing people. Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms are specialized programs where you work on organic farms, and you may choose among many countries, including New Zealand or Germany. The thing is, you will not earn a lot of money, most of your job will be on a volunteering basis, but you will get accommodation, quality food, and healthy environment and you will visit the parts of the country that you would never visit otherwise. Sounds fair to us!

9. Hostel Jobs


Small hostels around the world are usually familiar for their willingness to hire people from abroad, and if you speak English and you are willing to work as a receptionist or to be in charge for general hygiene, this job that ranks 9th in our list of best summer jobs where you get to travel is a perfect option for you. However, you need to know that these kinds of jobs are not well paid, but you will have food and accommodation, and if you manage to find a hostel near the sea, you definitely provided the best summer for yourself. You may search for this kind of a job throughout the Europe, and there are great possibilities that you will manage to find what suits you best.

10 Best Summer Jobs Where You Get to Travel

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8. Au Pair or Nanny


This is probably something that you have already heard of, and maybe you even know someone who worked as an au pair or nanny, since more and more people decide to do this job in order to travel and get some more experience. The main point is to feel comfortable to live with a family for one season and take care of their children. This is an excellent opportunity to directly become a part of a completely different culture, to be exposed to different language, meet new people and new countries and earn money. Usually, these families from non-English speaking countries would like someone to teach their children English, so this is an excellent opportunity!

10 Best Summer Jobs Where You Get to Travel


7. Travel Writing


If you are one of those people who think that you cannot earn money by simply writing and traveling, you are just about to be convinced of something opposite. Of course, this is not the job that everyone can do, but we are sure that there are many talented writers among our readers. Make sure to get to know everything about networking, contact editors of various magazines and send them your texts, be persistent and eventually you will get the opportunity to travel and write for travel guides, various magazines or newspapers, and to gain a lot of international experience. Summer is a great season to do it, but don’t wait and start searching for options now, since this job is one of the best summer jobs where you get to travel.

10 Best Summer Jobs Where You Get to Travel


6. Construction Jobs


It is useful when you have previous experiences in construction jobs that rank 6th in our list of best summer jobs where you get to travel, but if you don’t and if you are very young, don’t worry about that. There are many options to work at such places without much experience, and to earn money and travel. Germany, and in general almost every country in Europe, is in constant need for seasonal construction workers. However, though you don’t need some specific skills, you need to be ready for hard work, but it will be paid well and you will get to meet new people, cultures, languages, and to enjoy your summer knowing that you did something great for yourself.

10 Best Summer Jobs Where You Get to Travel

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5. Travel Nurse


If you are already a registered nurse, getting this kind of job will not be a problem at all. The best thing is that most of the chances to become a travel nurse are based on seasonal work that lasts around three months, so it is an ideal job for the summer. It is very probable that, besides the monthly wage, you will get food and accommodation, and of course, health insurance. The job may be hard and demanding, but since it is almost everywhere like that, at least you get to travel a little bit, meet new people and widen your horizons.

10 Best Summer Jobs Where You Get to Travel


4. Sports Instructor


If you are a professional sports instructor, especially of those sports that become enormously popular during summers, don’t hesitate and start searching for options to spend the next summer in some other country. Surfing, scuba diving, skydiving, rock climbing, kayaking, sailing, mountaineering, tennis, football, and many other popular sports can bring you much more adventure than you could ever think about in terms of traveling and gathering international experience. This is one of the best possible options to do what you love, travel and earn money. Of course, make sure to get some relevant experience before applying, and after that, the world is yours! And now, let’s see the top three entries in our list of best summer jobs where you get to travel.

10 Best Summer Jobs Where You Get to Travel


3. English Teacher


You probably cannot imagine how many benefits people who speak English have, and how it is always easy for them to find a job and earn some money. Of course, they get to travel as well, and there are many countries that are always in need for English teachers. No, you don’t need to have a degree, but a simple TEFL certification, which can easily be done online. As an English teacher, there are several options where you can travel, and some of them are Korea, Japan, Russia, Italy, Brazil, or exotic Thailand. Options are numerous, so we advise you to start searching immediately!

10 Best Summer Jobs Where You Get to Travel


2. Chef


Restaurants, especially those at attractive locations, such as beaches and some other exotic places are mostly full during summers, so if you are an experienced chef who would like to get international experience, this season is a great chance for you. Being a traveling chef offers a lot of opportunities worldwide, and the more experience you get, the more chances you have to travel year by year and earn a lot of money. There are many job vacancies for professional chef, and if you would like to afford yourself a summer adventure, you should definitely give it a try. You don’t need the local language, you just need to make delicious food and you will immediately become the most favorite chef!

10 Best Summer Jobs Where You Get to Travel


1. Cruise Ship


Imagine working and traveling all the time – literally! With this job, you will be in the position that you are constantly moving, and never spending more than a day at one place. However, you will always be surrounded by sea and various islands, but what more could you wish for during summer? Plus, you get paid for it! This job is an excellent chance to save a lot of money as well, since everything is covered, including accommodation, transportation, insurance, and you may work as a waiter, entertainer, chef, tour manager and many other options. With this job, you will visit some amazing and exotic places, so don’t think twice and start making plans on how to make it and succeed with the best summer jobs where you get to travel.

10 Best Summer Jobs Where You Get to Travel