10 Best Contemporary High End Modern Furniture Brands in USA

Since time immemorial (or at least the past century), the 10 best contemporary high end modern furniture brands in USA have been creating furniture that is modern and innovative on the one hand, as well as traditional and unique on the other. We spend half of our lifetimes at home and the presence of contemporary furniture adds a touch of inspirational living to our abodes. A comfortable sofa, practical dining table, and contemporary bed are all that one needs, but finding them requires some effort.

One should always go with modern furniture that’s practical for his/her space, suits one’s comfort level, and is visually appealing to oneself. Even good looking modern furniture might be ill-suited for a particular area or not comfortably designed, which could hamper your living experience for years. There’s no place like home and a well-done home demands a thoughtful equilibrium of form, scale and color.

Contemporary or modern furniture is furniture that was built after the 19th century, and is generally characterized by an elegant minimalism and stylish modern work, yet high comfort level. While contemporary furniture is marked by its modernity and uniqueness, one has to be really careful when choosing any particular piece of furniture, whether it is a sofa, modern coffee table, storage, or modern bed, so as to strike a proper balance between design and comfort.

Stjepan Tafra/Shutterstock.com

Stjepan Tafra/Shutterstock.com

Most of today’s furniture is made from particle board or cheap Asian rubberwood, and covered in sheets of wood veneers, but solid wood furniture is still preferred for its durability, style and texturing. The 10 best contemporary high end modern furniture brands in USA provide modern furniture that is well crafted, looks good, lasts longer, and is inspiring to live with.

Contemporary furniture shopping can be expensive, hence, one should invest in quality, not quantity. It needs time and effort to own a collection of furniture that reflects your personal style and inspires your daily living.

If you are looking to create a comfortable yet modern stylish appeal for your home, check out our list of the 10 best contemporary high end modern furniture brands in USA. The list is based on the common choices between four websites Luxedeor, Uniquebydesign, Sodafine and Trendrr and is ranked based on the company’s year of foundation (years of experience).

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