Population By State: Only 10 States Are More Populous Than New York City

United States is a large country in terms of land size, but population density is high in only a few states. There are 16 “ghost” states which have fewer residents than does the small island of Manhattan. The entire state of Wyoming has a total population of 532,000 people.  Vermont has 621,000, North Dakota has 641,000, and Alaska has 686,000 residents. These states have the same number of senators as California (36.7 million), Texas (24.3 million), and New York (19.5 million) do. There are only 10 states that are more populous than New York City is. Here are the 2009 populations of each state in America:

State  Population 
1. California          36,756,666
2. Texas          24,326,974
3. New York          19,490,297
4. Florida          18,328,340
5. Illinois          12,901,563
6. Pennsylvania          12,448,279
7. Ohio          11,485,910
8. Michigan          10,003,422
9. Georgia              9,685,744
10. North Carolina             9,222,414
11. New Jersey             8,682,661
12. Virginia             7,769,089
13. Washington             6,549,224
14. Arizona             6,500,180
15. Massachusetts             6,497,967
16. Indiana             6,376,792
17. Tennessee             6,214,888
18. Missouri             5,911,605
19. Maryland             5,633,597
20. Wisconsin             5,627,967
21. Minnesota             5,220,393
22. Colorado             4,939,456
23. Alabama             4,661,900
24. South Carolina             4,479,800
25. Louisiana             4,410,796
26. Kentucky             4,269,245
27. Oregon             3,790,060
28. Oklahoma             3,642,361
29. Connecticut             3,501,252
30. Iowa             3,002,555
31. Mississippi             2,938,618
32. Arkansas             2,855,390
33. Kansas             2,802,134
34. Utah             2,736,424
35. Nevada             2,600,167
36. New Mexico             1,984,356
37. West Virginia             1,814,468
38. Nebraska             1,783,432
39. Idaho             1,523,816
40. Maine             1,316,456
41. New Hampshire             1,315,809
42. Hawaii             1,288,198
43. Rhode Island             1,050,788
44. Montana                967,440
45. Delaware                873,092
46. South Dakota                804,194
47. Alaska                686,293
48. North Dakota                641,481
49. Vermont                621,270
50. District of Columbia                591,833
51. Wyoming                532,668

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