court, courtroom, gavel, american, flag, legal, desk, background, legally, juror, guilt, chair, table, divorce, judgment, nobody, mallet, tool, brown, decisions, symbol,

11 Most Famous Court Cases in America

You may remember some of the 11 Most Famous Court Cases in America from your high school history class. Many of these names are stuck inside the minds......(read more)
Countries with Highest Economic Mobility

15 Largest Economies in the World Ranked by 2015 PPP

The history behind 15 largest economies in the world by 2015 PPP and how each one of them became a part of that exclusive club is quite interesting. The......(read more)
biscuit, celebrate, cookie, day, emotions, feelings, fortune, future, gift, glass, greetings, heart, holiday, love, occasion, passion, people, red, romance, romantic, season, shape, shiny, temptation, together, two, valentine, word

26 Romantic Fortune Cookie Quotes

We’ve all heard of guys taking their girls out to an Asian restaurant and leaving a special message for them inside the fortune cookie, maybe one......(read more)

7 Chemicals in Cigarettes That Cause Heart Disease

Everyone knows they shouldn’t smoke, but to find out exactly why this is true, read the 7 Chemicals in Cigarettes That Cause Heart Disease. Can......(read more)
new, zealand, farm, cow, ranch, mount, southern, cook, sunset, meadow, tree, autumn, travel, view, yellow, scenery, grass, spectacular, alps, aoraki, range, pasture,

11 Places with the Most Moderate Climate in the World

Which are the 11 places with the most moderate climate in the world? Climate can be a very important factor when one considers where to go on vacations......(read more)
talking, apartment, adult, one, black, female, technology, cute, smile, healthy, young, girl, mobile, sensual, woman, interior, adorable, long, beauty, home, hair,

11 Sexiest Accents in the World

Which are the sexiest accents in the world? Each individual is unique and has its own likes and passions, especially when it comes to the people they’......(read more)
wine, grapes, vineyard, red, cellar, harvest, background, concept, barrel, white, autumn, alcohol, cork, set, food, tree, sun, vines, pouring, farm, collection, glass, wood,

7 Countries That Make the Best Wine in the World

If you are a true wine lover, you are probably reading this with a glass of wine in your hand, but does it comes from one of 7 Countries That Make The......(read more)
Biggest Communities on Google Plus

Best 7 Acquisitions Made by Alphabet Inc. in 2015

Formerly known as Google, Alphabet Inc. is one of the companies out there that is known for making quite a few acquisitions from various domains and in......(read more)

Top 6 Best Cheap Acquisitions Made by Google

Google has been known to shell out billions for the companies it wants, but it has also made quite a few deals, including some that fit the top 6 best......(read more)

11 Most Watched Simpsons Episodes of All Time

Everyone likes to watch The Simpsons, but did you ever think about which are the 11 Most Watched Simpsons Episodes of All Time? We’re here to......(read more)
Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL), Sign, Logo, Symbol, Letters, Buidling, Colors, business, search, corporation

The 12 Most Expensive Acquisitions Made by Google

Google has been around for quite a while and in this time it has gone from a simple search engine to a company so big it covers numerous playing fields......(read more)
madonna, singer, concert, live, sticky and sweet, sweet, rock, show, world tour, olympic-stadium, germany, munich, tour, sticky, august, pop

11 Highest Paid Singers and Musicians of All Time

We all know that musicians are earning a lot of money, but who are the 11 Highest Paid Singers and Musicians of All Time? The answer to this question......(read more)
hussain, iraq, muhammad, tomb, imam, shia, boy, propet, family, woman, iraqi, background, shiite, man, prayer, muslim, pray, mosque, ramadan, abbas, karbala, religion, islamic

11 Countries with Highest Shia Population

Shia Muslims make 10 to 13% of all Muslims worldwide and most of them live in these 11 countries with highest Shia population. Shia and Sunni are two......(read more)
sugar, cane, raw, plant, thailand, farm, closeup, grow, agriculture, green, grass, eat, stem, texture, joint, stalk, chew, herb, background, stout, fiber, harvest, food, edible, produce,

10 Countries That Export The Most Sugar in the World

Taste the sweetness of agricultural trade as we provide you information about 10 countries that export the most sugar in the world. Sugar is not only......(read more)
Most Expensive Domain Names of All Time

10 Easiest Countries To Get Laid In the World

It may surprise you that it’s easier to get laid in some countries than others, so we investigated the 10 Easiest Countries To Get Laid In the......(read more)
crime, child, concept, stop, mistreatment, counseling, abuse, trauma, bully, nobody, violence, outreach, campaign, sign, household, humiliation, recognizing, reduce, bruise, domestic violence

11 States that have Highest Domestic Violence Rates in America

October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, ended a couple of days ago leaving us with sobering data about the prevalence of family abuse in the USA,......(read more)
projects, community, 3d ball, concept, ideology, applications, source, sphere, round, research, words, free, programs, choice, license, developers

20 Popular Open Source Alternatives to Expensive Software

Finding yourself short of money for a piece of software isn’t quite uncommon for people of the non-pirating variety. This is where the 20 popular open......(read more)
mohonk, mountain, leaves, ripples, destination, strata, rocks, autumn, travel, preserve, trees, rowboat, lake, people, sandstone, dock, shawangunk, fall, colorful, house, boat, cliff, resort, hotel, gazebo, reflections, upstate New York,Shawangunk Mountains

The 11 Best Places to Stay in Upstate New York

What are the best places to stay in Upstate New York? Whether you’re driving up north to hike the famed Catskill Mountains or to get a close-up view......(read more)
writer, english, literature, dickens, historical, charles, history, portrait, 1870s, century, author, england,author, 19th

7 Easiest Dickens Novel To Read First

Whether you’re an occasional book reader or a bookworm, you’re surely familiar with the name Charles Dickens, but do you know Easiest Dickens......(read more)
athlete, athletics, baseball, baseball cards, cards, collectible, eastern, hardball, harrisburg senators, minor league, minors, player, pregame, professional, sign, signature, sports

7 Most Expensive Baseball Cards From The 2000’s

Baseball cards may not be as popular as they were in the old days, but the valuable ones are getting more expensive, so we bring you 7 most expensive......(read more)
loan, money, education, fees, lawschool, money, loan, law, graduation, debt, pay, owe, law-school, scholarship, legal, cap, financial-aid, mortar-board, student-loan

10 Countries That Spend the Most on Education per Student

Does the money invested in education guarantee high student performance and economic development? This is the question we will try to answer as we look......(read more)
type, sugar, blood, tester, finger, equipment, lancet, drop, photograph, glucometer, test, 2, medical, glaucometer, diabetes, glucose, monitor

6 Tips For Managing Type 2 Diabetes

Improving patient outcomes by using 6 Tips For Managing Type 2 Diabetes is highly appreciated as research data shows that the prevalence of diabetes for......(read more)

20 Most Religious Cities In The United States

Religion is extremely important to the lives of billions of people around the world and that is especially true for the 20 most religious cities in the......(read more)
Most Popular Love Songs of All Time

11 Most Romantic Things To Say To Her

Feel the love in the air with the most romantic things to say to her! They say love cannot be expressed in words but sometimes it is just essential to......(read more)
church, interior, cathedral, arch, ceremony, sacrament, pray, practice, mass, luxembourg, christian, statue

11 Countries with Highest Catholic Population

Catholicism is one of the major religions in the world, as evidenced by these 11 countries with highest catholic population. Most of these countries are......(read more)
goods, output, market, statistics, rate, business, plan, asset, list, wealth, analysis, economic, deflator, text, account, work, figures, abacus, index, financial, trade, investment, calculator,

15 Biggest US Cities Ranked By GDP

Today we explore economic Behemoths as we take a look at the 15 biggest US cities ranked by GDP. This category, however, is quite fluid and cities tend......(read more)
runner, sport, african, marathon, man, shoe, outdoor, closeup, calf, human, clothing, unrecognizable, ethnicity, endurance, pursuit, view, recreational, dramatic, horizontal,athlete,

11 Most Popular Brands of Sports Shoes

We began our journey to the world of athletic footwear by presenting the 11 most expensive tennis shoes in the world. On this article we will list......(read more)
students, learning, education, group, happy, success, successful, university, smile, friends, like, school,

6 Easiest AP Classes To Take

If you’re one of the many high school students who’s not sure which advanced placement (AP) classes to take, we hope our list of the 6 easiest......(read more)
cult, dead, black, magic, satan, goat, ritual, ram, skull, fire, evil, closeup, isolated, devil, white, rock, red, symbol, head, baphometh, light, demon, mythology, freemasonry,

11 Most Infamous Cults and Cult Leaders in American History

Choosing the 11 Most Infamous Cults and Cult Leaders in American History is hard — the United States is a breeding ground for cults and there’......(read more)
food, agriculture, rice, grain, arborio, cereal, basmati, red, black, wood, brown, croup, collection, set, bowl,

10 Countries That Export the Most Rice in the World

Rice is the most important staple food in the world, feeding more than 3 billion people in Asia alone, but which 10 countries that export the most rice......(read more)
mckinley, mount, denali, alaska, view, alaskan, snow, outdoor, cold, america, park, river, north, lake, range, mountainous, mt., reflection, wind, winter, wilderness

11 Tallest Mountains in North America

If you plan to climb any of the 11 tallest mountains in North America, you’d better hit the gym. You may already know everything about 11 tallest......(read more)
dancing, music, party, gun, nightclub,

11 Best Party Songs of All Time

We are bringing the party to the house with the best party songs of all time!  What’s a party without music? And when you’re having a party, it is......(read more)
fashion, watch, jewellery, brand, luxury, expensive, class,

21 Most Expensive Cartier Watches in the World

Curious regarding the 21 most expensive Cartier watches in the world? Cartier is one of the most famous jewelry brands in the world, having been founded......(read more)
dog, breed, animal, friend, loyal, love,

11 Most Loyal Dogs in The World

If you have a dog, you already know that dogs are not only pets, they are part of your family. And if you have one of 11 most loyal dogs in the world,......(read more)
stocks, analysis, market, numbers, business, ticker, trade, money, price, investment, index, chart

11 Biggest Futures Exchanges in the World 2015

Knowing about 11 biggest futures exchanges in the world in 2015 can be a profitable piece of knowledge considering their importance in financial markets......(read more)
who, dr, coleman, jenna, bbc, london, pose, fans, capaldi, tv, peter

11 Most Loved TV Characters of All Time

How about some palate-cleansing war fuzzies with the 11 most loved TV characters of all time? We’ve all been in this situation, no matter the ......(read more)
AS Food studio/

11 Countries with the Hottest Food in the World

Let’s turn up the heat with the countries with the hottest food in the world. Are you a fan of spicy food? Or maybe you are just looking for a challenge......(read more)
guard, event, closeup, policeman, secure, surveillance, profession,

7 Jobs For Police Officers After Retirement

Police officers usually start their second career after retirement, so we wanted to see which 7 jobs for police officers after retirement are the best......(read more)
Prometheus72 /

14 Most Expensive Piaget Watches

The 14 most expensive Piaget watches have a combined worth of nearly 3 million dollars. In other words, for just 14 watches, you could buy an oceanfront......(read more)
brand, name, fashion, symbol, watch, style, expensive, watchmaker, fashion, luxury, luxurious, elegant, class,

6 Most Expensive Longines Watches

Even the cheapest watch among the 6 most expensive Longines watches costs more than many well-equipped luxury cars. A luxury watch serves a little......(read more)
Lukas Gojda/

7 Countries That Make The Best Ice Cream in The World

I’m pretty sure that I haven’t met a person who doesn’t like to eat ice cream, but it’s true that some ice creams are tastier than others, therefore......(read more)
Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX), homepage, streaming, Ipad, video, tv, tablet, app, watch,

11 Best Crime Documentaries To Stream on Netflix in 2015

I don’t know about you, but I’m quite a big fan of crime novels and police procedural shows. What can be better than these sometimes, however, are......(read more)

15 Youtube Channels with Most Subscribers in 2015

Have you visited these 15 Youtube channels with most subscribers in 2015? Let’s cite them one by one to know why they catch the interest of most......(read more)
Creativa Images/

7 Easiest Countries To Teach English Without A College Degree

If you are a native English speaker without a college degree and you want to work overseas, you should read this article and see which are 7 Easiest Countries......(read more)
bath, beauty, body, bottle, care, clean, foam, gel, hair, head, health, hygiene, packaging, plastic, shampoo, shampooing, shower, soap, wash, white, woman, brand, comapny, name,

Top 10 Best Cosmetic Companies in the World

Which are the top 10 best cosmetic companies in the world? Even though there is a handful of companies at play in the cosmetic industry, the competition......(read more)
farm, fun, child, cow, outdoor, calf, family, farm, animals, nature

6 Easiest Cows To Raise With Your Children

Raising animals can be a fun family project, but what are the 6 easiest cows to raise with your children? Caring for cows teaches young children about......(read more)
Best Places to Visit in Africa Before You Die

11 Most Affordable Countries to Live in Africa in 2015

What are the most affordable countries to live in Africa in 2015? Say, you’ve been dreaming of going on a safari in the Serengeti to see the lions,......(read more)
sun, dry,

11 Cities with the Highest Average Temperature in the World

If you can’t stand the cold and are thinking of emigrating or are just genuinely interested in hottest cities in the world (we’re talking......(read more)
child, play, kid,happy, field, sunset, outdoor

5 Best Child Tracking Apps and Devices For Anxious Parents

Once you become a parent all you want is to know that your child is safe no matter what, even if that includes using some of the best child tracking apps......(read more)
sculpture, art, david, famous, florence, italy, landmark, landmarks, marble, michelangelo, michelangelos, monuments, places, statue, tuscany,

11 Most Famous Sculptures in the World

Sculptures are some of the most beautiful forms of art, especially the 11 Most Famous Sculptures in the World. Like The Most Expensive Stolen Paintings......(read more)

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