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11 Best Travel Documentaries Streaming on Netflix

Whether you can’t afford to travel to these places and just want to take a virtual tour or you’re planning to visit them and need to scout ahead,......(read more)
ibm, pc, testing, closeup, isolated, human, technician, mainboard, technical, white, tool, hardware, power, business, engineering, repairman, processor, install, occupation,

11 Best Tech Documentaries Streaming on Netflix

Today we have a treat for all tech nerds out there, with 11 best tech documentaries streaming on Netflix. Most of these focus on the ways technology interact......(read more)
Best PC Games of 2015

10 Best PS4 and Xbox Games For The Money

If you don’t want to spend your hard earned cash on mediocre video games, then our list of 10 best PS4 and Xbox games for the money will be a perfect......(read more)

11 Biggest Plagiarism Scandals of All Time

These 11 biggest plagiarism scandals of all time have helped their perpetrators make significant gains in their careers. Some of them have been labeled......(read more)
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11 Most Affordable Fashion Design Schools in the US

If you are planning to pursue a career in fashion design, have a look at the 11 most affordable fashion design schools in the US. Fashion is fast becoming......(read more)

7 Countries Where You Can Buy Citizenship

If the option of having Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as your president next year is scaring you, here are 7 countries where you can buy citizenship......(read more)
Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft,

11 Biggest Foundations in the World

There are many bad things happening in the world at any given time, but there are also foundations out there, such as these 11 biggest foundations in......(read more)

14 Most Profitable Franchises to Buy in 2016

Looking for the most profitable franchises to buy in 2016? Good, you’ve come to the right place as we are going to take a look at the best investment......(read more)
sports, player, action, winning, shot, team, jump, goal, basket, court, ball, men, effort, gym, stadium, hoop, strength, two, net, activity, slam, challenge, adult, success, male,

9 NBA Players Turned Successful Entrepreneurs

Retirement in the NBA is way earlier than the norm, which is why these 9 NBA players turned successful entrepreneurs wasted no time making a career outside......(read more)
crime, scene, tape, unusual, policewoman, not, two, violence, on, pill, horizontal, yellow, line, adult, symbol, male, accident, people, forbidden, female, security, leg, lying,

11 Countries with the Highest Crime Rate per Capita in the World: 2016 Rankings

It is rather important when traveling that you’re aware if your target destination is among the 11 countries with the highest crime rate per capita......(read more)
Most Dangerous States For Drivers in America in 2015

10 Best Places to Retire in South Dakota

If you are looking for somewhere to retire in one of the quietest, most peaceful states of the United States, then this list of best places to retire......(read more)
drinking, elderly, health

Top 10 Healthiest Bottled Water in the World

Everyone knows how important it is to stay hydrated, especially during the summer months when it’s extremely hot out, but which are the top 10 healthiest......(read more)
dean bertoncelj /

9 NFL Players Turned Successful Entrepreneurs

The sports world is a stage where the light shines brightest, but these 9 NFL players turned successful entrepreneurs know that not every athlete stays......(read more)

10 Best Places to Retire in Poland

If you would like to spend your golden years in Europe and discover its rich history and culture keep on reading because we bring you the best places......(read more)
Best Selling Smartphones in The US 2015 Rankings

10 Best Selling Smartphones in the World: 2016 Rankings

It wasn’t that long ago when the world changed completely with the release of the first smartphone, and now we can’t even imagine our lives without......(read more)
harvester, harvesting, harvest, barley, grain, tractor, field, farming, heartland, sunset, bread, rye, ripe, dust, grow, agriculture, swath, yellow, peasant, growing, ears,

10 Countries That Export the Most Food in the World

They say that money makes the world go round, but it is food that will always be essential to our survival, so we bring to you the list of countries that......(read more)
fargo, new, bank, york, banking, business, finance, wells, manhattan, city, industry

10 Easiest Cities to Live Without a Car

Wondering about the easiest cities to live without a car? Great, you have come to the right page then, as we were also wondering about that and decided......(read more)
Most Common Reasons for Suicide in America

15 Occupations with Most Suicides

Have you ever wondered which are the most stressful professions, or in other words occupations with most suicides? We have, and we have decided to conduct......(read more)
gas, fuel, handsome, manual, technician, glasses, coveralls, hat, machinery, red, valve, pipeline, pump, field, jack, crude, drilling, engineer, black, technology, smiling,

Top 5 Methane Polluters

Oftentimes when we’re talking about pollution we’re only taking into consideration the carbon dioxide emissions, but the top 5 methane polluters in......(read more)
Alexander Tihonov/

10 Best Places to Retire in Italy

From the imposing Alps to the magnificent Mediterranean coast, “bella Italia” has it all, and we bring you the best places to retire in Italy. This......(read more)
artist, audience, band, bright, cheering, club, colorful, concept, concert, crowd, dance, disco, discotheque, entertainment, event, fans, festival, floor, group, hands, light, live,

6 Smartphones with Xenon Flash

If you like shooting images with your inseparable friend  – your precious smartphone, then you might be interested in getting one of these 6 smartphones......(read more)

16 Worst Companies For Customer Service

That golden business rule “The customer is always right” doesn’t seem to be the motto of these 10 worst companies for the customer service. Even......(read more)
I love photo/

10 Best Places to Retire in Japan

Kindness, hospitality, a large number of ancient temples, mystical mountains and futuristic cities are just a few of the many characteristics that determine......(read more)
Asif Islam/

6 Smartphones with Wireless Charging

Yup, the time for smartphones with wireless charging has come! It seems that regular mobile phones with antennas and keypads were so long ago that people......(read more)
sports, player, action, winning, shot, team, jump, goal, basket, court, ball, men, effort, gym, stadium, hoop, strength, two, net, activity, slam, challenge, adult, success, male,

11 Most Expensive Basketball Shoes on eBay in 2016

We apologize if our list of 11 most expensive basketball shoes on eBay in 2016 will make you feel dizzy. We are about to bring you some of the most beautiful......(read more)
defotoberg /

5 Best Tasting Cigarettes for New Smokers

With our list of 5 best tasting cigarettes for new smokers, the beginnings of your “smoking career” will be much more pleasant. If you already......(read more)
up, pop, ad, internet, advert, display, web, pop-up, capture, adware, concept, yellow, shot, nuisance, malware, graphic, infection, digital, computer, box, illustration, annoying, blue, infected, alert, advertising, virus, conceptual, message, notification, screen

7 Ways to Stop Adblockers and Generate Income From Adblock Users

Having trouble finding ways to stop adblockers and generate income from adblock users? We have just the thing for you. In the recent years, adblocking......(read more)
Most Expensive Cities to Rent in America in 2015

11 Most Exclusive Yacht Clubs in America

If you’re looking for a place to dock that new yacht of yours, you can’t go wrong with any of the 11 most exclusive yacht clubs in America. Owning......(read more)
GoPro Inc (NASDAQ:GPRO), Flying drone, Camera, Hero 4, Action, quadcopter

7 Easiest Drones To Fly with a Camera

Anyone who is considering buying their first drone will surely appreciate our list of 7 easiest drones to fly with a camera. Drones are currently among......(read more)
Most Expensive Items Found On Antiques Roadshow

7 Things To Buy At Estate Sales and 3 Things To Skip

If you want to become a true Estate Sales expert, then our list of 7 things to buy at estate sales and 3 things to skip is a must – read. So, if you......(read more)

6 Highest Rated Flavored Cigarette Brands

You love your cigarettes with some flavor and want to know the 6 highest rated flavored cigarette brands? Well, let’s find out together. Tobacco......(read more)
hotel, beach, chair, hands, holiday, summer, woman, resort, sunlight, leisure, two, honeymoon, deck, travel, pair, sitting, peace, down, happiness, adult, sunny, male,

11 Most Exclusive Private Clubs in America

These 11 most exclusive private clubs in America are some of the favorite meeting places and drinking holes for the America’s (and world’s, as well......(read more)
golf, club, background, day, photo, summer, blur, driver, green, field, set, outdoor, sunlight, many, tool, iron, cap, copyspace, luxury, assortment, equipment, modern, sport

11 Most Elite Country Clubs in the World

These 11 most elite country clubs in the world are favorite playgrounds of the rich and famous. Country clubs started opening in the US in the late 19th......(read more)
princess, diana, stamp, di, commemorative, shipping, letter, old, used, macro, historic, cancelled, collection, england, english, paper, british, canceled, hobby, vintage,

11 Biggest Royal Scandals of All Time

Today we explore some shocking incidents as we take a look at 11 biggest royal scandals of all time. For the sake of clarity, we decided to focus on......(read more)
doctor, smiling, group, medical, leadership, ethnicity, standing, background, uniform, care, crowd, on, row, surgeon, practitioner, adult, out, people, skill, black, female,

11 Highest Paying States for Family Physicians

Here we are again with another Superlative Series, this time with the 11 highest paying states for family physicians! A family physician is a specialist......(read more)
Biggest Wind Farms in the World

8 Countries that Produce the Most Wind Energy in the World

Did you know that 80.4 percent of the total installed wind power capacity of the world is housed by the 8 countries that produce the most wind energy......(read more)
wine, grapes, vineyard, red, cellar, harvest, background, concept, barrel, white, autumn, alcohol, cork, set, food, tree, sun, vines, pouring, farm, collection, glass, wood,

10 Countries that Export the Most Wine in the World

These 10 countries that export the most wine in the world account for 88 percent of global shipments. Last year, the value of wine export was €28.3......(read more)
e3, day, business, show, video, tech, pavilion, duty, event, entrance, people, gaming, technology, building, dark, fair, videogame, exhibition, gamers, entertainment, center,

5 Most-Awaited Products Announced at E3 Conference

These 5 most-awaited products announced at E3 conference attracted the most attention from the tech and gaming journalist this year in the Los Angeles......(read more)
bismarck, capitol, building, capital, lawn, trees, state capitol, art deco, great depression, north dakota, skyscraper, government, legislature, clouds, house of government,

10 Best Places to Retire in North Dakota

The time has come for us to present you with the 10 best places to retire in North Dakota. Although this is one of the least populous states in the country......(read more)
tuna, fish, conserved, closeup, dish, meal, nobody, many, on, prepared, chunk, canned, preserved, gourmet, macro, small, piece, tasty, background, food, little, tinned,

10 Countries that Export the Most Fish in the World

If ever you’re wondering where fish on your sushi comes from, join us in discovering the 10 countries that export the most fish in the world! Chances......(read more)
Most Profitable Small Businesses To Start in 2015

11 Best Sites to Find Freelance Work

If you are looking for freelancing websites to earn some extra money, read on ahead to find out the 11 best sites to find freelance work. Freelancing......(read more)
Fastest Growing Cities in America in 2015

10 Best Places to Retire in Utah

Today, we present you with the best places to retire in Utah! To start things off, this western state is the 13th largest with a territory covering 84......(read more)
mountain, smokey, tn, forest, scenic, america, usa, spring, travel, sunrise, trees, foothils parkway, valley, tennessee, morning, season,us

10 Best Places to Retire in Tennessee

Looking for the best places to retire in Tennessee? Great, you’ve come to the right page! First things first, however. Tennessee is a state in the......(read more)

10 Best Places to Retire in Belize

Whether it is sandy beaches or rolling hills, there is a place for every retiree in 10 best places to retire in Belize! Belize is a tiny country in Central......(read more)
Most Ethnically Diverse States in America

10 Best Places to Retire in Virginia

Today we present you 10 best places to retire in Virginia. When choosing a retirement destination, seniors usually take into account a few things. For......(read more)
hawaii, kauai, beach, surf, island, napali, aerial, usa, travel, view, cost, sea, resort, background, tree, fun, tropical, cloud, pacific ocean, destinations, sand, na pali cost, na

10 Best Places to Retire in Hawaii

Wondering about best places to retire in Hawaii? Of course you are; when retirement comes to mind almost everyone imagine golden beaches, sand beneath......(read more)
Africa Studio/

10 Countries that Export the Most Fruit in the World

The 10 countries that export the most fruit in the world accounted for more than half of the exported fruits in 2014. So if you’re eating a banana right......(read more)
Sean Pavone/

10 Best Places to Retire in Georgia

Retirement can be the time to take on a new adventure, to start a new exciting period of your life and all this can kick off with you moving to a new......(read more)
electricity, pylon, network, lines, tower, steel, caution, high, grid, power, engineering, watt, infrastructure, cable, light, supply, distribution, voltage, technology, energy, volt,

8 Countries that Produce the Most Electricity in the World

Electricity is among the most important discoveries in history, a discovery which the 8 countries that produce the most electricity in the world have......(read more)
trenton, new, jersey, nj, capital, capitol, building, downtown, america, usa, state, jobs, day, landmark, government, skyline, legislature, delaware, dome, tourist, complex, local, city, house, senate, cityscape

10 Best Places to Retire in New Jersey

Retiring can be the perfect time to go out and enjoy your newfound freedom, especially if that includes moving to a new state, to a new place, so we’......(read more)

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