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Bruce J. Richards And Louis Hanover Bio, Returns, AUM, Net Worth

The New York-based Marathon Asset Management was founded in 1998 by Bruce J. Richards and Louis Hanover, and according to the firm itself, it manages close to $10 billion in assets. Marathon has additional offices in London and Singapore, and the firm's primary focus is on the global credit markets.

Bruce J. Richards And Louis Hanover
Fund Profile
Filing Period:
Fund Name: Marathon Asset Management
Manager Bruce J. Richards And Louis Hanover
Portfolio Value $227,872,168
Change This QTR +0.97%
Fund Holdings Sector Distribution
Filing Period:
Last update:
No. Security Ticker Shares Value Activity % Port History
1. HTZ 6,759,810 $124,312,906 54.55%
Frontier Communications Pare
5,228,167 $97,453,033 42.76%
3. LADR 292,740 $3,176,229 1.39%
4. SPY 10,000 $2,159,000 NEW 0.94%
5. CIO 100,000 $557,000 0.24%
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