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Impala Asset Management is a multi-billion dollar Connecticut-based hedge fund that was founded by Robert Bishop in 2004. Prior to starting Impala Asset Management, Robert Bishop worked as a Chief Investment Officer at Soros Fund Management, managing the Quantum Endowment Fund. Other positions which have helped him accumulate great knowledge of the investment space include working as a Principal at Maverick Capital, where he supervised investments in primary industries, such as transportation, commodities, energy, manufacturing, etc.; Portfolio Manager at Kingdon Capital; Managing Director of Tiger Management; and equity analyst at Salomon Brothers. Almost 40 years ago, he worked as a Legislative Assistant/Director for Congressmen Toby Roth and Don Ritter. Robert Bishop holds an M.B.A. in Finance from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a B.A. in Political Science from Northwestern University. Currently, he is the Managing Principal of Impala Asset Management in charge of Alpha Funds, Impala and other managed accounts, while also directing the analysis of the primary industries in which the funds usually invest, such as capital goods, metals, automotive, and energy. The fund uses a long/short investment strategy.

Impala Asset Management has been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission since January 2006. The fund now has offices in New York and Florida, in addition to Connecticut. In 2018, its 13F portfolio was valued around $2.2 billion, while its current assets under management (AUM) are unknown. Impala's recent returns have been exceptional, ranking it in 18th place among Barron’s top 100 Hedge Funds in 2018, with the fund delivering a return of 16.3% in 2017, and an averaged return of 29.7% between 2015 and 2017.

Robert Bishop
Fund Profile
Filing Period:
Fund Name: Impala Asset Management
Manager Robert Bishop
Portfolio Value $110,938,661
Change This QTR +1.20%
Filing Period:
Last update:
No. Security Ticker Shares Value Activity % Port History
1. ERO 2,008,000 $38,733,557 -7% 34.91%
2. CENX 705,000 $10,849,950 +464% 9.78%
3. BKE 200,000 $8,054,000 +3% 7.25%
Direxion Shs Etf Tr Oil Gas Bl 2X Sh
140,000 $5,741,400 +87% 5.17%
5. DAL 116,128 $5,559,047 NEW 5.01%
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