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HG Vora Capital is an activist hedge fund that was founded back in 2009 by Parag Vora who cut his teeth at Silver Point Capitalas a senior investment professional, and at Goldman Sachs’ Real Estate Investment Banking Division as a vice president. When he worked at Silver Point Capital L.P. his prime focus was investing across the capital structure of both private and public firms, but with the biggest attention on distressed situations and credit. While working at Goldman Sachs’ Real Estate Investment Banking Division, Parag Vora was in charge of consulting real estate and consumer-oriented companies in the matter of acquisitions, mergers and leveraged finance transactions. Parag Vora earned his Juris Doctor cum laude and Master of Business Administration from New York University, and also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with Distinction in Honors Economics and Spanish from the University of Michigan. Together with Gary Moross a partner at HG Vora Capital, Parag Vora, the fund’s portfolio manager, bring more than 35 years of combined investing experience.

That knowledge resulted in the fund having around $4 billion in assets under management and bringing 14% annualized return since its inception (as of August 2018). HG Vora Capital usually invests in actively traded debt and equity instruments on a long and short basis, seeking for businesses that are in the process of some kind of strategic change or with near term operational challenges. Main areas HG Vora Capital likes to invest in include gaming, real estate, travel, leisure, retail and consumer, and lodging. The fund seeks for mispriced securities.

Parag Vora
Fund Profile
Filing Period:
Fund Name: HG Vora Capital Management
Manager Parag Vora
Portfolio Value $3,520,275,500
Change This QTR +1.02%
Fund Holdings Sector Distribution
Filing Period:
Last update:
No. Security Ticker Shares Value Activity % Port History
1. SPY 2,000,000 $886,560,000 NEW 25.18%
2. FAF 10,000,000 $570,200,000 16.19%
3. R 5,050,000 $428,189,500 12.16%
4. IEF 2,000,000 $374,540,000 NEW 10.63%
5. PENN 14,500,000 $348,435,000 +4% 9.89%
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