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Deccan Value Advisors closed in 2009 after one of its co-founders decided to leave the business. Vinit Bodas founded Deccan Value Investors the next year and focuses on the same strategy as the original Deccan fund, which at its peak had over a billion dollars under management: concentrated positions in a fairly small number of stocks. Vinit Bodas was born in 1962 and holds an MBA degree from University of Texas at Austin.

Vinit Bodas
Fund Profile
Filing Period:
Fund Name: Deccan Value Advisors
Manager Vinit Bodas
Portfolio Value $1,963,448,000
Change This QTR +0.77%
Fund Holdings Sector Distribution
Filing Period:
Last update:
No. Security Ticker Shares Value (x$1000) Activity % Port History
1. OTIS 3,780,826 $290,935 -15% 14.81%
2. MSFT 908,760 $280,180 -16% 14.26%
3. GOOG 88,380 $246,844 -27% 12.57%
4. TDG 349,405 $227,651 -15% 11.59%
5. WWD 1,718,997 $214,720 -14% 10.93%
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