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Acuta Capital Partners, situated in Belmont, CA, is a hedge fund firm that manages three private funds, overseeing an estimated total assets under management (AUM) of approximately $586.6 million. The firm employs a research-driven strategy to identify compelling healthcare investment opportunities. Additionally, Acuta Capital Partners complements fundamental analysis with deep healthcare expertise and private equity experience, aiming to find with unique clarity those companies that will alter the standard of care.

Rich Lin, the founder of Acuta Capital, passed away on August 12, 2018. Throughout his career as an investor, Rich had extensive experience, with many years at Three Arch Partners, founding Acuta Capital, and serving as a partner at HealthQuest. His investment portfolio spanned numerous ventures across the healthcare sector. Before venturing into investment, Rich had a background as a surgeon and held the position of a Howard Hughes Scholar at the NIH. He earned degrees from Stanford (BS and MBA) and Harvard Medical School. Scott Smith, who is based in California USA, currently serves as the COO and CCO at Acuta Capital Partners, drawing on experience gained from previous roles at SQN Investors, Fortifinancial, Ltd., Palo Alto Investors, LLC, and Seneca Capital. Scott Smith earned a BS in Finance from the University of Colorado Boulder (1992 - 1995). Scott Smith brings valuable insights to the firm with his diverse skill set encompassing hedge funds, alternative investments, equities, asset management, and investments.

Acuta Capital Partners manages discretionary assets under management (AUM) amounting to $279,460,422 as of March 31, 2023. According to their latest reported 13F filing for Q3 2023, the fund oversees $149,212,987 in managed 13F securities, with a concentration of 54.08% in the top 10 holdings.

Scott Smith
Fund Profile
Filing Period:
Fund Name: Acuta Capital Partners
Manager Scott Smith
Portfolio Value $153,941,445
Change This QTR +0.87%
Filing Period:
Last update:
No. Security Ticker Shares Value Activity % Port History
1. OCUL 2,635,287 $23,981,112 +102% 15.57%
2. PRAX 162,302 $9,903,668 -46% 6.43%
3. MRSN 2,164,628 $9,697,533 -9% 6.29%
4. TSHA 3,333,333 $9,566,666 -8% 6.21%
5. RCKT 326,787 $8,803,642 -11% 5.71%