Zynga Inc. (ZNGA) Relaunches Web Site, Showing Divorce from Facebook Inc. (FB)

Zynga Inc. (NASDAQ:ZNGA), the much-beleaguered online and social gaming company that has suffered since it was cannibalized as a result of a Timeline and Newsfeed re-formatting at longtime partner Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has apparently come to terms with the divorce from the world’s largest social network and is revealing its more independent self with a new Web site.

Zynga Inc. (NASDAQ:ZNGA) re-launched its Zynga.com website Thursday with a big change – game enthusiasts who use the site to play the company’s stable of social online games can now do so by creating a Zynga profile that is completely independent from logging into Facebook, which is what many users had to do in the past. Now, old users could still use their Facebook inc. (NASDAQ:FB) credentials to log in if they wish, but users’ real names would be displayed. With a Zynga account, users can be more anonymous when gaming with other users.


Zynga Inc. (NASDAQ:ZNGA) got a lot of exposure in the early days of Facebook, and the gaming company and Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) had a bond that worked for several years. Zynga estimated to receive about 90 percent of its revenue from its relationship with Facebook, though that relationship expired last year and was not renewed. Zynga lost a lot of market share not just because of increased competition in the space, but also because of Facebook’s format and layout changes to its site pushed the games apps out of a prominent spot in user’s Newsfeeds or on their profiles to where the games were more difficult to find and access.

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