You Aren’t On Facebook Inc (FB)? Even This Country is Coming Around

In today’s day and age, it seems like anybody who is able to be part of the Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) experience will do whatever it takes to get involved.

You aren’t on Facebook Inc (FB)? Even this Country is Coming Around

While people in some parts of the world don’t have access to this social networking site, times are changing. And with each passing day, the number of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) users continues to climb.

Iran is one of those countries that are against Facebook and what it stands for. However, even this country, one with strict online standards, may be coming around.

According to a recent report by Nasser Karimi, published by ABC News, “Iran’s entire Cabinet has opened Facebook pages.”

At the present time, this may not mean much for the people of the country who are interested in doing the same. What it does show is that the government may be changing its way, becoming more open to today’s way of life.

It is interesting that these Iranian Ministers have opened Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) pages, being that the social media site is currently blocked throughout the country.

What does it mean for those Craving Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)?

From the outside looking in, this may not seem like that big of a deal. For those living in the country, it may signify good news in the near future.

Some newspaper reports are hinting that this could be the first step in the country eventually lifting some internet barriers.

The article published by ABC News goes on to discuss what this means for the future of the company, as far as its internet policies are concerned.

Saeed Leilaz, a Tehran-based political analyst, noted that it could be the start of lifting many of the filters blocking those in the country from specific websites. He added that “filtering on Facebook will be lifted, and we will witness the elimination of filters (on the rest of) internet.”

Many people in Iran, as well as other countries throughout the world, are unable to take full advantage of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) due to government censorship. If this is the first step in the right direction, the people of Iran may find their online lives becoming more exciting in the near future.

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