Winifred Jiau Convicted in Insider Trading Case

Winifred Jiau was convicted in the insider trading case. Forty three year old Jiau was charged with passing inside information to hedge funds in exchange for money. “This was a brazen insider-trading scheme, and at the heart of it was Winifred Jiau,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Avi Weitzman said in his closing arguments. “Just like her hedge fund clients, she did it for the money,” he said. Jiau was a consultant for Primary Global Research. Hedge funds paid $10K a month for exclusive access to Jiau. Jiau made at least $208 thousand for her work.

Raj Rajaratnam listening to tip

This conviction was probably a result of wiretap evidence. Previously Zvi Goffer and Raj Rajaratnam were also found guilty in insider trading.