Will Facebook Inc (FB) Push Internet.org Program To 100 Countries This Year?

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is very upbeat about its Internet.org program. So positive is the social network about its project that the company’s goal is to rollout the service to 100 countries this year.

The revelation was made by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Internet.org VP Chris Daniels, according to a report from Mashable.

“The ambitious goal this year is to roll it out to 100 [countries]. We don’t want to focus so much on the number, but we want this to spread to additional countries, operator groups and… see more people coming online, buying data and voice and SMS bundles. The number is indicative of our ambitious goal,” Daniels is quoted as saying at the sidelines of the Mobile World Congress [MWC] in Barcelona.

The company’s co-founder and leader, Mark Zuckerberg, also recently talked about the Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s efforts to expand the reach of the Internet.

It seems the world’s largest social network is bent on getting everyone in the world connected.

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Internet.org currently operates in six countries, Mashable reports. In Colombia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia where it operates, it has helped over 7 million connect to useful information on the Internet like health, employment and other local data.

The initiative’s goal is to provide people in emerging markets with a chance to experience how useful the internet could be. An intended consequence is that people buy paid data plans to keep on browsing the internet. Of course, with more people on the web, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s target user base is also increased.

Facebook’s service is one that is provided free-of-charge for those who are using Internet.org applications. According to Mashable, the version of the social network being displayed for the project is a “stripped ddown version of what we’re used to seeing.”

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) shareholders includes Stephen Mandel’s Lone Pine Capital which owned about 13.5 million shares in the social network by the end of the December quarter.

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