Why Exosomes are a Billion Dollar Market: Innocan Pharma is leading the research

Exosome research has turned a corner through the groundbreaking work of Innocan Pharma. Their Cannabinoids loaded Exosome Delivery Platform (CLX) shows great promise as a nanocarrier drug delivery and targeted therapy platform that will open up a billion dollar market.

Exosomes are tiny vesicles that travel around the human body. These tiny carriers of genetic information are released by almost every cell, travel in bodily fluids, and can cross any barrier, but only live a few hours in the body, making them an excellent potential source for drug and gene delivery to targeted cell types.

Exosomes are being studied to learn how they can help with different biological applications including diagnosis, imaging, and therapy. The nanoparticles contain molecules that allow the exosome to be used as potential biomarkers of diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and brain diseases. It has been discovered that exosomes can also deliver pharmaceutical compounds to targeted cells and tissues and may aid in regeneration and anti-inflammation.

Innocan Pharma, an Israeli tech company, has emerged as a leader in exosome research in partnership with Tel Aviv University. They are manufacturing a Cannabinoids Loaded Exosome (CLX) that shows promise in its ability to repair and regenerate damaged tissues and cells in the body.

This revolutionary exosome-based technology is being developed to help with cell damage and inflammation caused by disease, including damage and inflammation caused by COVID-19. Innocan Pharma recently made progress towards FDA compliance for its developments by providing a new analysis of micro-RNA (miRNA).

Micro-RNAs are small non-coding molecules within the exosomes that have some of the greatest cargo potentials. The miRNA are able to enter targeted cells or tissues, combine with other RNA, and deliver the CBD they have been loaded with. This tiny protein of the exosome is critical in the therapeutic potential of exosomes. Altering the profile of the micro-RNA changes the entire profile of the exosome, which can be used to create a stronger delivery agent.

Innocan Pharma continues to evolve their research and is progressing towards making a Cannabinoids Loaded Exosome available for clinical use. Most recently, they characterized the profile of the miRNA content in exosomes. This miRNA characterization will allow a more accurate characterization of the exosomes that will be combined with CBD. This characterization is a key step in approval by the FDA.

Research is being led by the head of the Neuroscience Laboratory at Tel Aviv University, Professor Daniel Offen, a pioneer in biotechnological research and development who has published over 200 scientific papers and is co-inventor on more than a dozen patents. Innocan has an exclusive license and research agreement for the CLX.

Innocan is leading the pack when it comes to using exosomes as a therapeutic delivery method. This month the company received an investment deal worth more than $8 million for U.S. Shareholders. While some investors express concern that the company has reached its peak, it is safe to say that Innocan Pharma is just getting started in this billion-dollar industry.

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