Why Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd (USA) (AAV) Is Increasingly Attractive

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When it comes to oil and gas stocks, a lot of attention is given to the larger, more glamorous companies that operate internationally. However, investors often forget that Canada and the U.S. hold some of the largest oil and natural gas deposits in the world. Smaller oil and gas companies that operate within Canadian or U.S. borders offer promise, stability and sustained returns.

These companies are not subjected to bizarre international laws that serve foreign governments’ ulterior motives, security threats and human resource issues. In particular, Canadian companies have the advantage of operating in an extremely business-friendly atmosphere. With this in mind, I will focus on Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd (USA) (NYSE:AAV), a company based in Calgary that is a great long term investment option.

Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd (USA) (NYSE:AAV)

Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd (USA) (NYSE:AAV) impresses long term investors

Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd (USA) (NYSE:AAV) owns and operates a number of wells and fields all across Canada in Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Alberta. Even as early as 2007, it produced the equivalent of 35,000 barrels per day. With reserves that can last for almost 12 years at the current production rate, Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd (USA) (NYSE:AAV) is one of the most reliable and stable Canadian oil companies to invest in. Moreover, the company has been actively seeking to acquire new fields, wells and properties.

National Bank Financial increased Advantage Oil & Gas’ price target from $4.66 to $5.4. Analysts at RBC Capital increased their price target by a dollar too and have a Sector Perform rating on the stock. With its average rating of Hold, those who do not yet own Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd (USA) (NYSE:AAV) can go ahead and purchase the shares while they are still cheap. Back in May, the company announced that its Total Petroleum initially in place at Glacier was increased to 16.0 trillion cubic feet (Tcf).

The company’s Glacier property has enough reserves to support a production rate of 580 mmcf/d for as long as 18 years, making it a very lucrative long term investment option. Similarly, the Montney natural gas field is located at Glacier, Alberta. It’s one of the company’s largest assets.

Advantage Oil & Gas knows that staying trim and divesting helps

Despite being a small company itself, it has learned from larger companies to divest unnecessary and smaller assets in order to focus on its core business. Advantage Oil & Gas announced in March that it was getting rid of its non-core assets. It sold non-core assets of nearly 5,900 boe/d to Questfire Energy for $40 million in cash, $44 million Convertible Senior Secured Debenture and Class B shares worth a whopping $1.5 million. The company used that money to reduce its bank indebtedness. Moreover, hedge funds have been buying Advantage Oil & Gas, which again shows that this is one of the most stable and secure oil and gas companies to invest in.

Other Calgary-based competitors and rivals

Calgary-based Canadian oil and gas company Pengrowth Energy Corp (USA) (NYSE:PGH) pays a high dividend. It is known for paying an annual rate of 15.9% dividend back in 2008. Moreover, Pengrowth Energy Corp (USA) (NYSE:PGH) pays monthly, which is rare for a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Pengrowth has received a lot of good press lately because of the growth, valuation, opportunities and dividends it promises to investors. Penngrowth Energy also yielded above the 9% mark based on its monthly dividend. At $5.18, it is an affordable stock to purchase.

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