What were the top international markets in 2021?

Despite the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, markets still emerged and remained attractive for investors in 2021 due to the high reward potential offered by their fast development. With many industries grinding to a halt because of the restrictions caused by the pandemic, intelligent people could still see the potential of growing markets that would really establish themselves when the pandemic starts to ease.

With that in mind, this article looks at which markets remained solid and performed the best in 2021. While many people were stuck at home, certain sectors still enjoyed a solid year and will be looking to bounce back even better in 2022.


2021 has been a massive year for Cryptocurrency, leaving many people to wonder what comes next. We have seen Bitcoin hit multiple new all-time high prices, institutional buy-in from significant global companies, and regulatory talks that could potentially have a big impact on the industry. While that has been going on in the background, people’s interest in crypto has skyrocketed this year. It has become a hot topic among investors but is also making its way into popular culture. Long-standing well-known investors like Elon Musk to your next door neighbour have an interest in how Cryptocurrency is performing.

2021 has been described as a “breakthrough” year, according to Dave Abner, head of global development at Gemini. However, this industry is still young and constantly evolving. It is very challenging to predict where things are going long-term. Still, over the next few months, experts are following themes from regulation to wide adoption of crypto payments to try and get a better understanding of the market.

Although it is impossible to make exact predictions of the direction Cryptocurrency will take, its 2021 performance bodes well for the future.

Online Betting

One market that was positively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic was online gambling. Consumers turned towards online platforms to keep themselves entertained during lockdown. Research carried out worldwide claimed that due to restrictions in sports events due to lockdowns, the interest in online gambling platforms soared. This led people to look for the top online casino in their area to keep themselves occupied while trying to win some money.

Online gambling is expected to be the fastest-growing segment during the next forecast period. Things like artificial intelligence and machine learning have taken over the market. Additionally, the convenience of the cashless mode of payments during gaming sessions is likely going to boost the online betting industry in the future.

The fastest-growing region in North America, as more states continue to legalize online sports betting. This has led to some of the largest operators in the world launching mobile betting apps so players can bet remotely. There are also states now legalizing online casinos giving bettors the option to play classic casino games such as roulette, blackjack, slots, and baccarat from home. New Jersey is the biggest market for regulated online gambling in the United States and recently posted a record betting handle of over $1billion.