What Are Dow Component Executives Saying About 2013?: Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM) and More

Finally, Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM)‘s David Rosenthal, VP of investor relations, also referenced activity in the Gulf of Mexico quite a bit during the company’s Feb. 1 call. Unlike what Chevron said, however, he spoke favorably about the refining margins Exxon has experienced in its downstream sector:

“As we look at just our U.S. Gulf Coast refining circuit, we have more than tripled the processing of advantaged North American crude over the last couple of years… Additionally, we have plans for an active exploration program in the Gulf of Mexico during 2013.”

Key Foolish takeaways
While Chevron and Exxon preferred to delay much of their individual outlooks until their investor days, Alcoa provided a fairly in-depth outlook for several industries that have far-reaching affects on global GDP. For the two energy components discussed here, each one’s focus on growing production hints at increased energy demand, which generally stems from consumer and industrial spending. Using these viewpoints to form a mosaic theory can benefit any investor eyeing sector- or stock-specific investments as buy, sells, or holds. Stay tuned to Fool.com as we dive into individual energy and material sectors to find out what certain companies are saying about the future.

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