Verizon Microsoft Surface: Verizon Using Microsoft Surface in Stores – Not For Sale, However

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)Verizon Microsoft Surface: As reported by CNET, Verizon has added the Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) tablet to many of its stores. Despite the fact that some retailers are now selling the Surface in stores, such as Staples, it appears that Verizon is not going to follow suit. Are you confused yet? Let us explain.

At this time, Verizon is only using the Surface tablet to “showcase the Windows and Windows Phone experience.”

A Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) spokesperson told CNET:

We are delighted that Verizon have chosen Surface for use in their stores, however, we have nothing further to share at this time

You read that right. As crazy as it sounds, the Surface Tablet is being used in hundreds of Verizon stores to do nothing more than pointing out the benefits of the Windows and Windows Phone experience.

If you are interested in buying the Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) tablet, you will have to stick with traditional retailers including Staples and Best Buy. Along with these US based stores, if you live in the UK you can purchase the Surface device in person at select John Lewis stores.

Although there has been speculation that Verizon will eventually sell the tablet in its stores, nothing has come of this just yet. And if you believe the quote above from a company rep, this may not be changing anytime in the near future.

As of now, the best way to purchase a Surface tablet is online. Despite the fact that Staples and Best Buy are carrying the product, availability is not guaranteed.

The Surface tablet has not lived up to the hype. While not many expected it to take over the tablet market, the company was hoping for a better performance around the holiday season.

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