Valuart’s Etan Genini on How the Future of NFTs Lies in High End Art

There are NFTs, and then there are high level NFTs. Cast your mind away from meme’s and trading cards for a moment and imagine collaborations between some of the most famous and notable artists, musicians, composers and technological experts, and then imagine them opening up their artwork for all to see, not only those who display them on their own walls. This a whole new playing field for the artwork realm and it is taking it by storm, an era when Picasso’s and Warhol’s can be digitized.

That’s not to say that NFTs aren’t killing it in their own right. As recently as December 2020, NFT art sales reached an all time high, and since then the numbers have continued to grow and build momentum. This comes in part due to the gallery and exhibition closures as a result of the pandemic, and in part thanks to the natural progression of the unique value added through NFTs. It is expected that the NFT world will continue to grow tentacles to explore new realms and to build on its existing base.

NFTs are now being embraced not only by collectors, but also by investment firms, private investors, art collectors and particularly  those who are looking to diversify their portfolios. NFTs which are backed by real art prove to be an excellent way to balance portfolios even in uncertain or bear markets.

Recently more leading auction houses have gotten on board the NFT train, namely Christies who hosted the Beeple auction, which raised $69 million. Auction houses are a perfect venue for facilitating and driving up the price of tokenized artwork. Yet they don’t have the ability or systems to create NFTs for each piece they auction off. This is where a collaboration between notable artists, auction houses and blockchain technology companies who are able to digitize every piece that comes their way, stands firmly at the junction between all worlds. A partnership of this nature can be especially beneficial.

The Intersection Between Art and Technology

One such company is Valuart, who are embracing the challenge to fill this gap in the marketplace. By creating a network of partnerships with artists, and then actively teaming up with both foundations and collectors, they stand at the forefront of this game changing movement.

Valuart’s goals are lofty and they include protecting uniqueness, sharing  the vision, supporting   creativity and enhancing art and artists and they have a lot of exciting milestones coming up.

Valuart is proposing exclusive masterpieces to the NFT marketplace, with the hope to engage the attention of those NFT investors who are looking to invest in a unique piece of art, with a unique history and very strong inherent value; investors that want to add to their (digital) art or NFT portfolio something exceptional with an extremely high potential of growth.

NFTs Do Banksy

Perhaps, the most notable of which is Banksy’s Spike auction work 1;1, which features the original piece by infamous street artist Banksy in Palestine, and is now in the possession of Vittorio Grigòlo, the world famous tenor and Valuart co-founder who has elected to auction a digital original version of the Banksy work. This piece was created as a CGI artwork  and combined with a breathtaking aria performed by Vittorio Grigòlo himself. In the video, Spike is seen floating across the universe until it is eventually returned to its rightful place on earth, to emerge as a newly minted non-fungible token.

On top of this Valuart is working on a number of very high profile partnerships with leaders of the Art and Design world, but worth mentioning here is the historic “Mantum and the Stole” realized by Stefano Zanella and worn by the Pope John Paul II on the night of the 24th December, 1999, on the occasion of the opening of the Holy Door of the Vatican Basilica. It is called “Manto Giubilare”. This piece of Art is the most important Reliquiae that Saint Pope Giovanni Paolo II left on earth.

Image Source: Valuart

Valuart’s Etan Genini stated “It is an immense honor for us to be the  company that has the exclusive right to tokenize such an important Art Masterpiece and to be able to bring it into the digital sphere, thereby hopefully contributing with our vision to the immortalization of this piece of history.”

The company consists of three partners Etan Genini, an Intellectual Property expert, Vittorio Grigòlo, a well known tenor, and the third from the world of finance and crypto, all of whom are deeply passionate art and design fans and collectors.

NFTs gave the crypto investors an outlook and a new perspective into the art market and according to Genini  “Crypto investors reacted with such positivity and enthusiasm. For people like us, it was the technological answer that we were seeking for years. We truly felt that this new world was at the convergence of all our passions, experience and expertise.”

That being said, looking at how the NFT market was evolving, the founders clearly understood that in the short term, most of the artists that they loved and collected would not be able to express themselves within the new metaworld of the NFT art at the level they deserve to. “We could not imagine them starting up an NFT production process and having a proportional impact compared to the one  they have within the physical market.”

As such “we became increasingly aware and convinced that this new market was strongly missing a company able to help all the leading artists, art collectors, art foundations, brands and other institutions that were surrounding us. We  felt that, after decades of collaboration and passion towards these industries, this was the perfect moment in which we could give our most valuable contributions to the Design and Art World… and this is how Valuart was born”

How Companies Like Valuart Are Propelling NFT Art

“We  position ourselves as a unique player within the NFT and digital art market. We are not only a platform, but a holistic added-value service provider in this field, in the sense that we take care of the entire value chain, from identifying high potential physical artworks, artists, collectors to building and transforming their work into extraordinary digital assets in the form of unique NFTs or enhanced NFTs, and building a compelling storyline around the artwork.

“We sign handpicked collaboration deals that allow us to be the only ones with the exclusive rights to the tokenization of their unique masterpieces, and therefore to build a highly sought after and curated Art IP portfolio. From that moment, we take care of every artistic and valorization process needed to maximize the value and appeal of their artwork and represent it the most coherent way. We are uncompromising on preserving the Artist’s vision from every prospective and we always aim to spread his/her vision  during every phase of the “tokenization process”, from the artistic production and artistic crossovers we implement to create unique NFTs all the way to their “drop” on our platform.”

“Under the same roof” in our company, our partners can find 3D modelling, animation, artistic and creative direction, high-end artistic and corporate network of partners, social media managing, media outreach, specialized technology team, and everything else that may be needed to bring the project to fruition.

The Future of High End Blockchain Art According to Valuart

Valuart has some interesting milestones coming up which include the July 22nd Drop of the NFT “Spike” from  Banksy’s “artwork” Spike. On July 22nd, the Opening and private inauguration of Valuart NFT ArtGallery located in the beautiful Lugano-Paradiso. It will be a space dedicated to the exhibition of our NFTs and some of the Art Pieces that made it possible to realize them.

What is The future of NFTs?

With regards to Art and Design, the future of NFTs is moving towards a more concrete and more “art & design centric” direction. All the big players are doing an amazing job to improve their business model and to grow with their community.

As with many of those involved in  the developing NFT market, what will stand the test of time may be those solutions that can either provide a high quality product, or a strong utility, and platform’s like Valuart may well stand at the intersection of these two pillars.

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