United States Cellular Corporation (USM) Relies on Home Phone Markets?

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United States Cellular Corporation (NYSE:USM) seems to be angling for a successful service portfolio in the domestic market, with a series of innovative products and services in the recent past. In less than a month, the Board of Directors of United States Cellular Corporation (NYSE:USM) Corporation made a remarkable dividend declaration. This would leave its shareholders with a $5.75 per common share for all shareholders registered as per June 11, 2013. This might have come off as a bonus for shareholders after the company disposed of some of its market assets including those in Central Illinois, Chicago, St. Louis, and three others to Sprint Nextel Corporation (NYSE:S) for over $480 million.
United States Cellular Corporation (NYSE:USM)

Special dividend effect

The sale must have been the company’s board resolve to render more power to its shareholders. According to United States Cellular Corporation (NYSE:USM) President and CEO, Mary Dillon, the dividend declaration was a clear indication of the current balance sheet strength and liquidity in the wake of the divestiture deal. The company has further promised to adjust a number of tactical initiatives that will see its performance stabilize in the long-term. In the wake of these projections, the company has been undertaking a noble exercise that is targeting the domestic market with several product and services. This will be a benchmark for success, as the board plans to stifle competition in the mobile phone sector of the US.

Recent products and services

Among the projects that the company is using to mark out its presence in the market is the launch of the ambitious Home Phone Solution. This is a service program that will be offering a $19.99 monthly package for unlimited calls in all states across the country. The United States Cellular Corporation (NYSE:USM) Home Phone service went on offer in outlets, although it will be rolling online starting June 20. The future for United States Cellular Corporation (NYSE:USM) clients is set to benefit from a number of offers on the package, which will be using ordinary corded or cordless handsets. The offer includes Call Forwarding, Caller ID, Voicemail, Call Waiting, and Three-way Calling through the home phone, which comes with a two-year contract.

Affordable and hassle free service

This is being seen as one way the company is consolidating its future prospects in a sector faced with stiff competition from other players. It will be possible for United States Cellular Corporation (NYSE:USM) Home Phone subscribers to retain their existing home phones and numbers and still get to enjoy first rate services for voice call services, which are on offer at an affordable rate.

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