Two Top Tech Minds Discuss Future of Apple Inc. (AAPL), Facebook Inc (FB)

Turning their attention to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), both tech minds harp on the importance of mobile. Kirkpatrick mentions that “the mobile thing is happening faster than anybody realized […] I think we’re going to see the Internet essentially move completely to mobile in coming years.” Sculley stated that “mobile is everything,” adding that:

“The really interesting thing is that the Internet is based upon a consensus of standards. Whereas mobile has actually proprietary protocols carrier-by-carrier, and it’s all about apps on mobile so far today […] will the future be about the Internet going to what’s called HTML5, which is a new generation of software technology, or will the apps win out?”

Offering a synonymous answer, Kirkpatrick replies: “either way it’s going to be mobile.”

The author also offers up his predictions for how this transition will shake out, in the order of: (1) Africa, (2) China, and the (3) U.S., which we can assume that Europe and other developed nations are thrown in with the latter. In other words, it appears that emerging markets have the jump on their more ‘advanced’ peers in this particular space, but alas, that’s another topic for another day.

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