Facebook Inc (FB) New Revenue Test: Fee to Send Messages?

Facebook Inc. (FB)Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has been notoriously experimenting with a variety of potential revenue-generating services in the months since its IPO, and while a few such concepts have gone into circulation on the global social network, there are many others that have gone by the wayside, perhaps never to be seen again.  It’s too early to tell which side of the scale this latest experiment will be on, but it does lead to this question:

How much is it worth to you to send a message to someone who is not your “friend” on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)? How much is it worth to you to reach out to someone you may know but is not on your friends list? You might be able to help Facebook answer these questions.

Reports are out that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has been tweaking its messaging feature to charge users a fee to send messages to non-friends, supposedly with the rationale of reducing or eliminating spam messages in users’ Facebook inbox, and to better ensure that messages from non-friends are not dropped into recipients’ “Other” e-mail folder – where many messages go to die, according to The Verge. How much is the message worth?