Twitter, Inc. Buyout In 2013? – Facebook Inc (FB)

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We could be seeing some big headlines later on in 2013, an acquisition of Twitter, Inc.…but to whom??

The companies that make the most sense to me are Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) and Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), which could possibly buy up the social media giant! But which one makes the most sense right now?

Let’s start with Apple… it’s obvious that they have enough cash to buy Twitter up whenever they want to, but would they pay up? If you were looking at their track record, you would say no. But, Steve Jobs is not in charge anymore. The times of having no major acquisitions could be over if Twitter entices Tim Cook enough. Personally, I think Cook would be willing to make the move…he’s already introduced dividends, and Jobs was obviously not willing to do that during his time. So why would shelling out 5-10 billion be any different?!

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)Apple already has the iPad, iPhone, and Macs to immediately implement Twitter if they decide to make the move. The way all of their devices are currently connected to each other is mind blowing, and if they could figure out a way to weave social media into their products, it could be the next jump Apple needs to take to separate them from competitors.

Currently at the University of Oregon, students are using Twitter to communicate with fellow classmates to provide help on homework or if somebody missed class to share what went on. They do this by creating hash tags, and it is becoming a huge hit by how easy it is! Apple already knows that college students drool over their products, and what an opportunity they have if they go after Twitter now. I can see it now, Apple + Twitter changing the way education moves forward in the next five years…

How does Google fit with Twitter? Well, they have already tried their own social media aspect, Google+, and that has not worked out for one second! I do not know anyone who ever signed up for it and who currently uses it. But, that is not the point, the point is, is that they have tried to get into that business, but failed. Who says that they still don’t want to get back into it? They certainty have the cash to buyout Twitter, but would they make that move? Sure, they acquired Motorola for billions and look at what they’ve done with them?! Nothing! That doesn’t say they don’t have plans for the long term with Motorola, but in the short run it doesn’t look that way. Twitter is no different in my eyes; they could acquire them for ‘X’ amount and sit on them for a little bit before they introduce how they will be used.

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