TriQuint Semiconductor (TQNT) & More: Hedge Funds Are Buying

Following SEC filings is important, especially this is the case for 13Ds and 13Gs as they reveal the latest acquisitions or sales in the hedge fund arena. We’d like to focus on Luxor Capital Group, Starboard Value, and Jana Partners. These funds just took some action in the Journal Communications, Inc. (NYSE:JRN), TriQuint Semiconductor (NASDAQ:TQNT), Oil States International, Inc. (NYSE:OIS), and HF2 Financial Management Inc (NASDAQ:HTWO).

Journal Communications

Managed by Christian Leone, Luxor Capital Group reported owning 2,244,969 shares in media company Journal Communications, Inc. (NYSE: JRN), an SEC filing revealed. According to our database, Luxor Capital held 2,072,305 shares of Journal before the acquisition. In this way, the new stake represents 5.1% of the company. At the current trading price of Journal, the value of the stake is about $14.8 million.
Also it is important to notice that 12 other hedge funds were long Journal Communications, Inc. (NYSE:JRN) at the end of Q4. Among these funds are Mario Gabelli’s Gamco Investors, holding 4,710,720 shares worth about $25.5 million, Citadel Investment Group, managed by Ken Griffin, which owns 54,713 shares, and Jim Simons’ Renaissance Technologies with 144,800 shares.
Equally as important, we should tell you that Luxor Capital Group held positions in 60 other companies aside from Journal Communications, Inc. (NYSE:JRN), including The Madison Square Garden Co (NASDAQ:MSG), Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ:ADBE) and CommonWealth REIT (NYSE:CWH).
TriQuint Semiconductor

Starboard Value Lp, managed by Jeffrey Smith, an Office Depot Inc (NYSE:ODP) activist, revealed owning a 7.8% stake in TriQuint Semiconductor (NASDAQ:TQNT). According to a filing made with the SEC, the stake of Starboard Value Lp in TriQuint Semiconductor (NASDAQ:TQNT) represents 12,585,000 shares.  This is a new position in the Starboard Value equity portfolio, which includes 29 holdings aside from TriQuint. With this acquisition, Jeffrey Smith will join Ken Fisher and Chuck Royce in TriQuint.
Oil States International

Barry Rosenstein’s fund Jana Partners recently revealed owning 9.1% of Oil States International, Inc. (NYSE:OIS), which represents 5,000,002 shares, a 13D filing with the SEC showed. According to our database, aside from Jana Partners, 20 other hedge funds held positions in Oil States.
HF2 Financial Management

Managers Andrew Dakos and Phillip Goldstein revealed that their fund Bulldog Investors has a 5.70% stake in HF2 Financial Management Inc (NASDAQ:HTWO). A blank check company, HF2 Financial Management Inc (NASDAQ: HTWO) is oriented towards companies from the financial services industry.
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