Tradenet Trading Academy Review

Tradenet, the stock day trading academy established by Meir Barak more than 15 years ago, is regarded as the best learning service aimed at novice and experienced stock traders. In the following lines, we’ll briefly review Tradenet’s key features and advantages that help it beat the competition.

Tradenet Live Trading Room

The flagship product of Tradenet is the live trading room, which allows traders to watch Meir Barak’s trading activity in real time. Generally, a quality trading room has to meet the following criteria:

Meir Barak

– Tenure – it is natural that older services would attract more clients thanks to the reputation and proven record. So does Tradenet’s trading room, which came out in 2004, before the financial crisis, which demonstrates that the trading academy provides top-notch strategies that work in any market condition.

– Transparency – Tradenet displays all the trades made by Mr. Barak and his team, including the ones that resulted in losses. This allows traders to accurately assess the success rate and copy professional traders.

– Number of experts – while Meir Barak leads the team, Tradenet’s trading room has many experts that are always ready to help.

– Number of participants – the live trading room provided by Tradenet has a high number of participants, which demonstrates how popular it is.

So far, we couldn’t find a better live trading room service provided by a counterpart. Tradenet’s trading room is unique because it meets all the criteria in an ideal way.

The community is constantly growing thanks to the high success rate among students, who don’t hesitate to spread the word about the excellent conditions available with Tradenet.

The trading room membership plan costs $399 per month or $2,990 per year – a fair price considering the potential benefits. Those who want to get insights on how the service works can access the 14-day free trial.

Tradenet Self-Study Course

Another key option provided by Tradenet is the Self-Study course, which costs students only $290. This day trading course touches upon different aspects of trading, both from a theoretical and practical perspective. Meir Barak designed it after years of trading experience and included the best strategies and tips that empower traders to become financially independent.

The Self-Study course comprises dozens of learning units, practice sessions, training videos, presentations, tests, supplementary data in PDF format, and more. The information is of the highest quality, as Tradenet’s experts led by Meir Barak have worked for about two years.

The topics of the course revolve around the main principles of day trading, long and short positions, real-time analyzes based on the price action and timeframes, market and limit orders, technical indicators like moving averages and Fibonacci, and more. A separate unit is dedicated to the psychological aspect of trading, which is especially relevant for beginners.

Some of the course materials can also be found in Barak’s bestselling book “the Trading Whisperer.” The book can be obtained for free by submitting a request form on Tradenet website. The content of the book is taking traders through the basics of stock day trading and discusses all the sides of the stocks listed on Wall Street exchanges.

Tradenet’s Education Pack

Tradenet’s education pack is diverse and ranges from trading courses aimed at beginners to personal coaching and one and one sessions designed for advanced traders. The list of options can be accessed via four packages, including the Intro Program, Student Program, Expert Program, and Pro Program. The first two were created for novice traders while the Expert and Pro packages target professionals.

The intro program costs only $500 and is the ideal option for those who make the first steps in stock day trading. The package includes the Self-Study course that we reviewed earlier, “the Market Whisperer” book, the access to Tradenet’s live trading room, demo training account, and the opportunity to apply for a funded account from a private investment firm.

The Pro program is the most expensive one. Priced at $9,000, it comprises the best information related to the stock markets. The package was created by Barak himself, who labelled it as “most far-reaching day trading education pack in the market.”

Our final verdict is that Tradenet is a day trading school that offers an unmatched experience. The high number of happy students supports this argument.