Top Ranked Defensive Investor Stock

Here’s a breakdown of the top ranked Defensive Investor stock as displayed on the Defensive Investor stock screen.

This screen is influenced by a strategy discussed by Benjamin Graham in his book, The Intelligent Investor.

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Defensive Investor Description

In the book, Graham identifies two categories of investors; the defensive and the enterprising.

According to Graham, a defensive investor buys from a “diversified list of leading common stocks” and ensures that the price paid “is not unduly high as judged by applicable standards.”

We display such a list based on the requirements spelled out by Graham.

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Top Ranked Defensive Investor Stock

Cal-Maine Foods Inc (NASDAQ:CALM): Producer and marketer of shell eggs in the United States.

– Market Cap: $2.06 Billion

– Current Ratio (MRQ): 7.64

– Working Capital – Long-Term Debt = $491 Million

– Positive Earnings Streak: 10+ years

– Dividends Paid Streak: 10+ years

– Net Income % Growth, 5 Year CAGR: 39%

– Current Price: $42.00 (closing price on 12/22/16)

– Intrinsic Value: $44.06

– Price/Intrinsic Value: 95%

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