Top 9 Telemedicine Companies

Over the past year, telemedicine companies have seen significant growth. This is not at all surprising, considering that many healthcare professionals and businesses had to start providing services online. People who previously resisted using telehealth services had few alternative choices.

The seeds of the telemedicine industry was sown in prescription eyeglasses market. People looking for cheap glasses or the best progressive lenses started shopping online as several online platforms started catering to them. It was a simple enough leap that was made possible by hassle-free returns policies where customers could exchange the frames they just bought with another pair, free of charge and with no questions asked. Knowing lens strengths was obviously still a must and trying a pair of glasses on in-store is still a hard to beat way to buy glasses but convenience was key.

Telemedicine is nothing new. It has been a considerably disruptive industry, with some excellent startups innovating technological health solutions, and many more jumping on the medtech bandwagon. These innovations include more practical matters like a prescription scanner app that allows prescriptions to be loaded virtually thereby reducing the need for a pen-and-paper version and allowed customers to get their medication online – but they have also opened up whole medical services to potential customers. Cheaper glasses frames could be bought from online stores that mass market their products and for those who can’t or afraid to see a real-life therapist have the opportunities to interact virtually with online mental health practitioners that can offer help remotely via conference calls or even purely through text.

And then, of course, there are sites like WebMD but though it’s great to be able to learn more about various illnesses – and illness preventing health tips – it can be risky when patients try to diagnose themselves and avoid seeing a licensed physician. However, the pandemic showed people who thought of telemedicine as nothing more than a backup option that it can be an excellent source of primary care.

Some telemedicine companies have really changed the game. These are the top 10 companies in the medtech industry.

1. BetterHelp

BetterHelp is at the top not only because of the functionality of the platform and quality of service they provide. Rather, they take this spot becase of how much more accessible they have made mental health care. What was once inaccessible to many due to cost and stigma is now available in the palms of their hands. With excellent marketing strategies, BetterHelp has brought therapy further into our society’s collective consciousness.

2. Teladoc Health

Teladoc Health is one of the most popular and successful telehealth companies in the US. They have been around longer than almost any other, and have provided physical and mental health services to millions of Americans. COVID-19 has only increased their value as a publicly listed company.

3. Doctor On Demand

Offering telehealth services to individuals, Doctor On Demand is an excellent company. However, they have evolved their service with the launch of Synapse, a platform that facilitates the delivery of primary healthcare services from employers and health plans.

4. LiveHealth Online

By allowing you to select the doctor to video call with, LiveHealth Online provides a more personal touch. Considering the trust individuals place in their GPs, this kind of service has proven popular and necessary for many.

5. Beam

Beam is a service that provides doctors with all they need to facilitate billable telemedicine hours. The app handles everything, including the billing process and submission of the claim to the insurance provider.

6. Hale Health

Do you ever wish you could check in with your healthcare team between visits? Hale Health facilitates this, with personalized cards for each patient. Easy communication is set up in such a way that it does not drain the provider’s unbillable time.

7. SnapMD

Any parent understands that a child’s needs are very different in a telehealth setting. You cannot simply sit a child in front of a screen and expect them to communicate their issues to a doctor. SnapMD connects parents and children with pediatricians, facilitating care through the combined effort of provider, parent, and child.

8. HealthTap

For just $10 a month, HealthTap gives you access to tens of thousands of doctors who will answer questions or direct you to the relevant material.

9. Psyalive

Psyalive is an international teletherapy company that provides a service for companies as well as individuals. It gives companies the resources and facilitation to provide mental health services for their employees.