Top 6 Cities For The Ultra Rich to Live in Comfort

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Top 6 Cities For The Ultra Rich: For most people, choosing where to live is largely a monetary decision, but if money isn’t an issue, figuring out the best place to live can be based on multiple different factors. It’s not purely about the cities that are home to the most billionaires (such as Moscow and New York City), as most ultra rich people prefer things such as exclusivity, comfort, and scenery versus the sheer volume of rich people in their surrounding environs.

Forbes recently ran a list of the best places for the super rich solely in the United States based off characteristics such as the average age, population size, and economic indicators such as average household income and home prices. This list will factor in those selections, and combine with other choices around the world that fit this criteria as well.

Also, health care is very important for the ultra rich and must be taken into consideration, and we recently ran a list ranking the 16 highest paying countries for doctors, which gives us a good gauge to work with. Lastly, no ultra rich person wants to spend time  in a dangerous area, so crime rates have been weighed in these rankings as well.

Now lets take a look at the top cities for the ultra rich:

6. Fitts Village, Barbados

Top 6 Cites For The Ultra Rich

Fitts Village has increasingly become a haven for the ultra rich in recent years. The town, located on the western coast of Barbados, is home to clear blue waters on picturesque beaches, and a multitude of luxury villas. Of course, weather is not an issue here, as the city retains a tropical climate at all times of the year. As if it needed more in order to seduce the ultra rich, this Caribbean enclave has a 5-star Italian restaurant in Il Tempio, where you can eat while overlooking the sea.

The five top cities for the ultra rich continues on the next page with our first foray into the United States.

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