Top 5 Stocks Americans Searched The Most in 2020

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Below you can see the list of top 5 stocks that Americans searched the most in 2020. For a more comprehensive list please see the 10 stocks Americans searched the most in 2020.

5. Walt Disney Company (DIS)

The House of Mouse has had a bumpy year since the March selloff, but it has since rallied to about where it was trading before the plunge. Disney received 1.2 million searches per month for its stock. One of the big reasons some have invested or are thinking about investing in Walt Disney this year is due to the launch of its streaming service, Disney+.

Disney has had its share of challenges this year because of the pandemic, which forced the closure of its theme parks around the world. The tourism industry as a whole is in dire straits. The good news for Disney is that there’s more to it than just theme parks, but still, the theme parks are a significant portion of its revenue.

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