Top 5 Small-Cap Stocks Added to Billionaire Mario Gabelli’s Portfolio

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Below we present the list of the top 5 small-cap stocks added to billionaire Mario Gabelli’s portfolio. For our methodology, the additional background of Mario Gabelli, and a more comprehensive list of the billionaire money manager’s stock picks, please see Top 10 Small-Cap Stocks Added to Billionaire Mario Gabelli’s Portfolio.

5. Veoneer, Inc. (NASDAQ:VNE)

Value of GAMCO Investors’ 13F Position: $1.03 million

Number of Hedge Fund Shareholders: 29

Veoneer, Inc. (NASDAQ:VNE) is another merger play that was added to the 13F portfolio of Mario Gabelli during Q4, as the company is set to be acquired by SSW Partners and QUALCOMM Incorporated (NASDAQ:QCOM) for $37 per share on April 1.

Upon the completion of the merger, Veoneer, Inc. (NASDAQ:VNE)’s current chairman, president, and CEO, Jan Carlson will be replaced by Jacob Svanberg, who currently serves as the company’s senior VP lidar product area and corporate development. Carlson will be appointed as an advisor to the board, and to the new CEO.

Veoneer, Inc. (NASDAQ:VNE) was originally set to be acquired by Canadian auto parts giant Magna International Inc. (NYSE:MGA) for $31.25 per share in a deal that had been approved by the shareholders of both companies. Qualcomm later swooped in with a higher bid, which Magna refused to match, collecting a $110 million merger termination fee from Veoneer instead.

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