Top 5 Healthcare Stocks for the Future

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Below we present the list of Top 5 Healthcare Stocks for the Future. For the first half of the list and an introduction to Dr. Christiana Goh Bardon’s Burrage Capital Management, please see Top 10 Healthcare Stocks for the Future. Note that all hedge fund data is based on the exclusive group of 800+ funds tracked by Insider Monkey.

  1. OrthoPediatrics Corp. (NASDAQ:KIDS)

OrthoPediatrics Corp. (NASDAQ:KIDS) kicks off the second-half of our list, as Burrage Capital owned 171,607 shares of KIDS on September 30. Hedge funds don’t seem to be big fans of KIDS (that’s ageism!), as just 12 of them were shareholders of the stock on September 30 and owned just 7.8% of its shares.

The medical device company has consistently grown revenue by 20+% since its inception, including by 26% last year, and has a range of new products on the market (and more in development) that will expand its addressable market and which should allow it to continue growing revenue at a strong clip post-Covid.

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