Top 5 Data Center Stocks to Buy Now

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Below we presented the list of top 5 data center stocks among hedge funds. For a detailed discussion as well as a more comprehensive list please see 10 Best Data Center Stocks To Buy Now.

5. GDS Holdings LTD (NASDAQ:GDS)

No of HFs: 47

Total Value of HF Holdings: $2.7 Billion

GDS Holdings LTD is a data center holding firm from China. The company markets colocation and managed services, as well as direct private connections to major public cloud platforms. During the third quarter of 2020, GDS reported a net revenue increase of 43% year-over-year to $224.6 million.

In an article, Brown Asset Fund mentioned GDS represents a compelling opportunity.

“In the most recent quarter, we acquired shares of GDS Holdings Limited, the leading data center developer and operator in China serving the premier Chinese cloud service, e-commerce, social media/gaming, and internet players. Although we have not invested in many foreign-based companies, we believe that GDS represents a compelling opportunity. Its business shares many similarities with Equinix, Inc., a U.S.- based data center operator that has been a profitable long-term investment for the Fund. In addition, our real estate research team has met extensively with GDS management over the course of the last few years and has built increased confidence in the team’s growth aspirations and its ability to successfully execute them.


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