Top 5 Cybersecurity Stocks To Buy Now

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Below you can see our list of the top 5 cybersecurity stocks to buy according to hedge funds. For our detailed discussion and a more comprehensive list please see 10 Best Cybersecurity Stocks To Buy Now.

5. Proofpoint Inc (NASDAQ: PFPT)

No. of hedge funds: 37
Total value of hedge fund holdings: $489 million

Proofpoint was founded in 2002 as an e-mail security company but it has since expanded its business to fit the needs of a modern office. This means outbound data loss protection, social media coverage and various other vulnerable spots that could allow the wrong people to access your data.

Insider Monkey spotted the company on 34 hedge fund portfolios, a number that has since then increased to 37, seeing Proofpoint Inc getting increased investor attention. Financially, the company has been a strong performer, beating all predictions and pulling consistently strong numbers for the past four years.

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