Top 5 Cryptocurrencies in 2020

Cryptocurrencies have been exploding over the last several years and investments in the crypto market are very common today. With so many people buying and selling virtual money, the question becomes which currencies actually have the best value. We have created a short list of the 5 cryptocurrencies that we believe have the best value in 2020 and you may want to consider investing in.

1. Bitcoin

It comes as no surprise that the king of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, is listed as our number 1. As seen on the site of bitreviews, Bitcoin is easily the most popular and highly demanded cryptocurrency. There are many reasons why Bitcoin is the top crypto to own today and the biggest one is the fact that it already proved its worth and is now being used by actual businesses worldwide.

While some believe the price of Bitcoin capped a while ago, others disagree. According to the likes of Antoni Trenchev, the value of Bitcoin could go up to $50.000 as the supply will be limited at about 21 million coins and the demand should keep increasing. Bitcoin is easy to buy and trade and a great initial investment for potential investors.

Pixabay/Public Domain

2. Ethereum

Ethereum is an interesting concept to say the least. Ether tokens are used by developers to develop blockchain apps with the so called smart contracts, which are a revolutionary technology. The currency has become highly popular and the supply keeps on growing and is not as capped as Bitcoin’s is.

The great liquidity of the Ethereum market and the dedicated team that stands behind it are some of the main reasons to invest in Ethereum. The currency has been on the rise for a few years and looks like it is still going in the right direction, which is why many stock market experts have been buying it.

3. Litecoin

Similar to Bitcoin in many ways, Litecoin is capped at 84 million coins and is still being mined somewhat easier than most other cryptocurrencies. The currency has a high market cap and is considered by most experts to be one of the cryptos that will manage to survive over the long run.

Litecoin has been going strong on the major currency exchanges for quite a while now and it is this high liquidity that keeps the value high and growing. Litecoin has already been one of the top altcoins in 2020 and should remain as such until the year’s end.

4. Ripple

Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ripple is a start-up that offers banks worldwide an essential service. The technology allows for financial settlement services, allowing banks to make international transactions instantly. The Ripple protocol is being adopted by various banking institutions across the globe, making the currency extremely lucrative.

XRP is exempt from SEC regulations and many experts believe it will continue to explode as even more institutions adopt Ripple protocols into their everyday business. Owning Ripple now should prove to be lucrative over the months to come.


TRON’s cryptocurrency Tronix is one of the growing altcoins you should keep an eye out for. TRON acquired BitTorrent a few years back and has some major projects in the works, with the actual currency already ranking well in terms of market capitalization on the cryptocurrency market.

Investing in TRON may be a slightly risky play but is also one that may pay dividends greatly in the long run. Buying some Tronix now could prove to be extremely profitable eventually, which is why Tronix makes our list of the currencies to own in 2020.