Top 3 Smartphone Apps that are Wasting Your Time

No. 3: Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Subway Surfers (or any other game that can get you hooked)

Game apps are a wonderful way of passing time. The problem arises when you become addicted to the games you’re playing. The trick with game apps is measure. Even if you’re dying to pass that level, you shouldn’t really be spending your hours trying to do so.

Game apps are alright for waiting in airports and other such life events, but other than that, you should really try to limit the time you spend on them. If you really can’t stop playing games on your phone, at least opt for ones that can bring you some us, such as training your brain and sharpening your mind: Sudoku, word games, and so on to get away from the number three entry on our list of smartphone apps that are wasting your time.