Top 10 Gambling Cities in the World in 2020

What are the biggest gambling cities in the world by revenue in 2019? Gambling is becoming more and more popular, as cities around the world are growing to meet and ever-growing demand. Asia and Australia in particular. While we all enjoy playing free slots from the comfort of home or our mobile device, there is nothing like the thrill of a big name casino.

The global gambling market is worth nearly $480 billion and growing at around 6% a year. This means its size will be above the $500 billion threshold before the end of 2020. We can segment the gambling market by types like casinos, sports betting, and lotteries. Lotteries are the biggest segment of the global gambling market (more than $200 billion). The fastest growing segment is sports betting at the moment. In this article we are just going to focus on the casino segment and rank the biggest gambling cities in the world by revenues from casinos. We could have also ranked the cities by the number of casinos and presented the list of the cities with the most casinos in the world, but that may not be as accurate because a small casino counts the same as a large casino.

top gambling cities in the world in 2020

The biggest gambling market in the world is Asia as the biggest gambling city. Most people think that Las Vegas is the world’s biggest gambling city, but they are wrong. The world is changing fast and China is taking over US as the world leader in many areas. Gambling is one of them. Former Portuguese colony Macau generated more than $35 billion in gambling revenue in 2019. That’s 7% of the entire gambling market in the world.

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This list of the top 10 gambling cities in the world in 2020 is what we consider the best of the best and the cities any gambler must visit in 2020. Some already have a reputation, some are up and coming, all we know is that gambling and casinos are at the heart of them. Make sure to add at least one to your holiday destination!

Los Angeles, California

While it may not be the most recognizable city in the USA for its casinos and gambling, LA has famous casinos such as The Commerce Casino, frequented by celebrities and tourists alike.

Paradise Island & Nassau, Bahamas

A tropical paradise with white sands and blue waters. Not the place most people expect to find great gambling, however, the city surprises tourists with the great options they have to offer.

London, United Kingdom

The English capital is one of the largest cities in the world. Perhaps more widely known for banking, the capital is quickly becoming a gambling powerhouse on the world stage.

San Jose, Costa Rica

With more than 15 casinos in the city, San Jose is another tropical island city that you wouldn’t expect to be home to good gambling. What’s more, the casinos in the city are very affordable!

Paris, France

Nobody would think of Paris as a gambling destination in 2020. It is known for art and as the city of love, but Paris casinos bring out the rich and the famous for a night of entertainment.

Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

We are sure you have heard the name Atlantic City before, as it is mentioned in many famous TV shows (the Simpsons for example). It is always mentioned thanks to its gambling and spectacular casinos.

Marina Bay, Singapore

In the last few years Singapore has been earning its spot amongst the best gambling nations in the world. Marina Bay boast the largest Atrium Casino on the planet!

Monte Carlo, Monaco

While many cities across the world, especially in Asia, are becoming top competitors in the gambling world, it is hard to topple the king. Second only to one place on earth when it comes to gambling, Monaco is the party city for the rich and the famous.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The home of gambling. Not much needs to be said about Las Vegas that you don’t already know. The city has made a living off larger than life casinos and they are the dream holiday for any gambler.

Macau, China

Macau takes gambling very seriously and has slowly risen to having the best casinos in the world. It has become one of Asia’s most sought out locations, solely based on a night of adrenaline on the poker tables.