Apple Patents: This Apple Patent Filing Could Change Photography Forever

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Apple Patents: If you know anything about photography, you are well aware that the proper lighting is extremely important. Without this, you will find it a challenge to take high quality pictures. Obviously, this is something Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is well aware of.

The Cupertino based company recently filed a patent describing a system in which one iOS device, such as an iPhone, is able to remotely control other devices, such as an iPhone or iPad, to provide the proper lighting.

While this is something photographers have been using for many years, it is important to note that they rely mainly on strobes with either a wireless or wired connection.

Tim CookThe system by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is 100 percent unique in the way that it works.

The patent has a simple title: Illumination System. However, there is nothing simple about the technology the company is working on. Here is the abstract, which explains exactly what the patent has to offer:

“A method for capturing an image with an image capture device, such as a camera or mobile electronic device. The method includes initiating a master-slave relationship between the image capture device and at least one secondary device. Once the master-slave relationship is initiated, remotely activating one of an at least one light source of the at least one secondary device. As the light source is activated, capturing a test image of a scene illuminated by the at least one light source by the image capture device. Then, analyzing the test image to determine if an illumination of the scene should be adjusted and if the illumination of the scene is to be adjusted, providing a control signal to the at least one secondary device including at least one of a position instruction, an intensity level, or timing data.”

As you can see, this technology does much more than provide light. For instance, it allows for the act of capturing a test image as a means of ensuring that the lighting is correct for the shot.

From there, the test image helps the system determine if the illumination need to be adjusted.

In short, this patent from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) could make life much easier for those who enjoy taking pictures in their spare time or as a professional.

This patent was first filed for on November 10, 2011. Richard Baer is listed as the inventor.

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