Third Point 2010 Q3 Investor Letter

Daniel Loeb published his third quarter investor letter. If you want to read a watermark-free version of Daniel Loeb’s Third Point’s 2010 Q3 investor letter, visit Third Point Offshore’s website. They have the investor letters for the second and first quarters as well. There’s more – they also have monthly returns for Third Point’s Offshore Fund. Insider Monkey, your source for free insider trading data, calculated Dan Loeb’s returns and alpha using those numbers (See Daniel Loeb’s Third Point’s New Stock Picks).


Your address for all other investor letters is still Dealbreaker, but at least for Third Point you don’t have to rely on the Dealbreaker monopoly. Hedge funds can’t advertise to ordinary people. One way to circumvent this is to become a public company. That’s what Third Point did. You get your own copy of Third Point’s investor letter. Here is Insider Monkey’s custom watermarked investor letter: