The Success Story of CEO and Entrepreneur Oscar Ofoesho Roberts

New York, November 16, 2020 (INSIDER MONKEY WIRE) — The COVID–19 pandemic has badly hit the entertainment and music industry worldwide. But, Oscar “Ofoesho” had turned the situation in his favor as his company Juvahn Victoria, Inc. (JV) touched new heights during the pandemic. Juvahn Victoria, Inc. is an entertainment and music company based out of California.

Oscar and his partner Juvahn, have jointly partnered for this company. Both Oscar and Juvahn have had their share of adversities and hardship of life. However, like true warriors, they have overcome their challenges and are now scripting a success story together.

Oscar Ofoesho Roberts

The primary aim of JV is to uplift the status of numerous artists by bringing them into the spotlight out of the oblivion. The company equips these aspiring creative professionals with necessary skills, equipment, and tools to scale success. JV brought together three producers and three artists this year.

The company records songs and music videos at its own recording studio, JV Studios, located in Burbank. The brand also sells attractive outfits and apparels through its merchandise window. Oscar Ofoesho wishes to assist aspiring musical artists through JV.

He is extremely happy with the growing popularity of the firm. He has faith that JV is becoming another great music brand like Spotify, or Motown Records. Just like a true visionary CEO, Oscar felt competition could be easily tackled if artists stop using jealousy as fuel.

Juvahn Victoria Inc. is now set to revolutionize the music industry like never before. The music videos and singles launched by the company are instant-hits with a high number of downloads in no time. Its clothing line, under the flagship of Juvahn Victoria Clothing is also doing very well.

Oscar is a CEO of the record label, and motivates the fellow artists on how to scale to greater heights of success in the entertainment  industry. A few years back, Oscar’s entire house was burned down, but he overcame all those hurdles to become what he is today.

Oscar Ofoesho’s skills helped the company bring together big names including It’s Harris “P Gordy “ Brown , Jamecia Stoudemire and Shanda’l Chine during the pandemic turning the hostile business environment into their favor.

Oscar collaborated with a number of famous personalities, including the likes of Too Short ,Lil Wayne, Bun B, Ray J, Teddy Riley, Big Dez , Michaelangelo Saulsberry, Battlecat and The Gorrilaz . His innovative strategies to build in the entertainment industry gained him lots of attention on Instagram. They closely follow him every day and look up to him as a source of inspiration.

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