The New Normal of Business

New York, October 27, 2020 (INSIDER MONKEY WIRE)– CEO Shalini Sahay is creating growth opportunities for businesses in the midst of a pandemic by connecting them to custom-made teams of turn-key professionals.

In today’s economy, a large number of companies are struggling to pivot their ideas to continue to work efficiently and see growth in the wake of Covid-19 restrictions. According to Washington Post, over 100,000 of small businesses have closed their doors for good. Now more than ever, companies are forced to cut expenses in order to save on operational costs, causing lay-offs and dramatically slowing down production.

This new challenge is meeting its match by a multi-faceted, out-of-the-office thinking company called Service Five, LLC. By leveraging technology to provide a team of qualified professionals prepared to utilize their expertise at anytime, from anywhere, Service Five is successfully helping businesses to quickly get up to speed as they pivot to operating virtually while continuing their efficient pace, without losing that human touch. Businesses using this remote network are excited to deploy the team-based solution Service Five offers to tap into a set of dedicated talent and resources not available in an office setting.

Founder of Service Five CEO Shalini Sahay, stated it is her passion to help businesses succeed by working smarter not harder. This different approach to providing intuitive professionals in a new way that provides a full-scope support system gives businesses the option to adjust goals and priorities without skipping a beat and also the opportunity to operate 24/7 when needed.

Shalini Sahay

This idea for such a service bridges the gaps that often come up as a company grows. What started as a dream has turned into my passion. Through my experience with a variety of industries at different levels of the management structure, Ive acquired the knowledge, confidence and expert insight needed to create and support relationships between companies and a network of remote, skilled professionals waiting to help businesses succeed”.

During her time in corporate America, Shalini decided to create a way to relieve debilitating feelings from companies and talented professionals. She felt the repercussions of wanting to work, but not finding the remote, flexible situation needed created an aura of helplessness in their capable, expert lives—and she knew she wanted to help! First hand, she experienced being part of a businesses that needed a dependable, versatile team that is there for them day to day, and when an untested need occurs, too. Service Five builds relationships between top talent and businesses that provides the opportunity to proceed in a manner that brings stability and cost savings.

It’s clear that in today’s business climate there is a need for a flexible, global, on-the-spot service that works alongside organizations to accomplish their goals for specific projects within budget and on time. Businesses want to flourish and see profits on a regular basis. Working with Service Five allows businesses of any size to create work environments anytime, anywhere for the project at hand that functions fluidly and seamless right away — growing more cohesive as they continue the relationship. It also gives them a virtual safety net, knowing they will always have a dependable team at their fingertips.

I saw a need for creating relationships that allow businesses to connect with the talent they need to grow and thrive regardless of their location. Employing people who want to work, but do not want to commute, or cannot commute enables them to operate efficiently without the typical in office constraints and, is the future of business. As technology moves forward, the need to be in-person for many jobs will become more and more obsolete”.

Shalini Sahay and her team provide businesses with an optimized, custom-made plan of action and the team to get it done that empowers owners and experienced specialists to seamlessly move their businesses forward, no matter where they are located. Imagine business without the constraints of a traditional setup, a space where businesses are released from the pressures of doing things the way “they have always been done,” supported by professionals who are passionate about providing the best quality of what they do — in spite of any hurdles coming their way. Service Five is creating the opportunity to make this a reality one business at a time, they are bringing awareness and making connections for a better future of business.

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