The 6 Cheapest Boarding Schools In America 2015

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Cheapest Boarding Schools In America 2015: For many people, Boarding School is looked at as either a place for rich people to send their kids in trying to guarantee their success, or a place for troubled teens that need discipline. Regardless of why a family might want their kid to attend this type of school, most parents would want their kid to attend one of the 6 best Boarding Schools in the world, one with small classes and renowned teachers.

In addition to their teachers, boarding schools are also renowned for their sometimes exorbitant costs that come along with their perks, making them a luxury that not every parent can afford. However, for those not flush with money, there are a multitude of options in the United States that won’t cost you your entire retirement fund, and yet could still provide your child with an educational and developmental advantage over other children.

By limiting our list to schools that have no religious requirements, provide education for both genders for at least 9th through 12th grades, and weighing factors such as tuition and the amount of aid provided by these schools, we’ve ranked the cheapest Boarding Schools in America for 2015. Here’s the list:

6. Tallulah Falls School

Cheapest Boarding Scools America 2015

This Boarding School is located in the mountainous setting of Tallulah Falls, Georgia. Its campus is located right next to a famous state park and students are encouraged to engage in the surrounding environment. It’s a medium sized school with 425 students, and offers boarding for students in grades 7-12. Its yearly tuition is $26,250 per year, and over 65% of its students are given some form of financial aid, making it one of the cheapest Boarding Schools in America in 2015.

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