10 Most Expensive Wines in the World

Wine is one of the most savored drinks in the world, and also one of the most coveted and sought after, making a list of the most expensive wines in the world quite a journey through the wine-making process. Vintners the world offer constantly seek to develop new methods, and find the optimal ingredients and recipes to create wines that will fetch a small fortune at sale.

If you are hosting a party or you just want to pair a great meal with a fine drink, wine is always the answer. On top of the health benefits it provides when consumed responsibly, the variety of grapes, and styles and types of wine are infinite. The taste of a good wine changes from location, weather, and altitude, type of grape, way of storage, fermentation ingredients, and even bottling. Wine has become a commodity that not only is praised worldwide but is also a collector’s item that can be considered an investment that will become more expensive as the years go by.

In this article we will take a look at some of these amazing bottles that have been sold at auctions and bought by private collectors. Some of these wines have never been opened, and the price is still rising. Wine companies all over the world try to compete to become the best. From Malbec to Cabernet Sauvignon, to white and even Champagne, the world of wine is one of the most varied and interesting.

Let’s take a look now at the ten most expensive wines in the world. Also check out the  15 Most Expensive Countries in the World to see if there are any connections between the origins of these wines, and regions with a costly standard of living.

10- Romanee-Conti DRC 1990

Price: $28,000

One of the prime reasons for the high price of this wine is the extremely low yield of the soil in the area of France where it’s produced; it takes the produce of three Pinot Noir grape vines to make one bottle. This Pinot Noir harvest can produce up to 450 cases of Romanee-Conti DRC wine. There were eight bottles of this wine bought at an auction in London in 1996 at $224,000.

The list of most expensive wines in the world continues on the next page with a fine vintage from 1951.