The 10 Most Conservative Cities in the US

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Most Conservative Cities in the US: There is a clear political divide in the US between those people who are conservative, and those who are liberal in their thinking. Over the past 50 years in the US, this rivalry in ideology has grown to new heights, now reaching extremely volatile and contentious levels as the balance of power in the country has swung back and forth between the two parties.

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In general, those political and ideological lines are very clearly delineated by different regions, states, and cities. The northeast and west coast of the US are generally considered to be strong supporters of liberalism, while the central and southern regions of the US stick closer to more conservative values, and also tend to be more heavily religious. Religiosity is indeed a strong indicator of conservatism. Though avowed religious affiliation is still high across the US, even in liberal areas, conservative regions are much more devout and fervent in their beliefs.

You might have read our previous article on the 10 Most Liberal States, and if so, you can probably guess in which states you won’t find some of the most conservative cities in the US. Unsurprisingly, not a single one of the most conservative cities can be found in those ten most liberal states, which includes New York, Hawaii, and Massachusetts.

This information could be quite important for anyone looking to relocate, and who wants to settle into a region surrounded by like-minded people and values. So whether you’re looking to move into one of these conservative enclaves, or avoid them, we present you with our list of the ten most conservative cities in the US, according to surveys done by The Bay Area Center for Voting Research (BACVR).

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