The 10 Best-Selling Video Games of All Time

Best-selling video games of all time: If you like video games as much as we do, then you are probably aware of most new releases and surely have many favorites. Whether you enjoy sports, role playing, first-person shooters, or strategy, the variety of genres ensures there is something for everyone. In fact, nowadays even age has become rather irrelevant. As the gaming industry has recognized that gaming is not only for teenagers, platforms have been expanded so that everyone from young children to the elderly have relevant, fun games to play.

For those who cannot afford to purchase a video game console but still want to play games, a computer or a mobile device is usually sufficient. Hand-held devices are also an option, especially for those who travel often and have little spare time at home, but have become interested in some of the best-selling video games of all time due to advertisements. Along with the expansion of the amount of video consoles available today, the amount of titles offered is huge compared to the early 90’s when gaming first started becoming popular.

You might have already seen our list on the top 15 best-selling apps for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and might now be wondering what the best-selling video games of all time are. Well, luckily we will present you with such a list below, so that you can be better informed as to which games are most popular. Who knows, you might even be surprised by some of the items on our list and begin wondering why you haven’t tried them out yet!

In order to create the following list, we have only taken into account the amount of units sold per title, and not the total revenue generated from the game in question. Also, video game series, such as the famous Super Mario Bros., Pokemon, and Grand Theft Auto, might not be on this list, since we are only considering individual titles and not sales volume of whole series. Nevertheless, if you are interested in the world of gaming, be sure to keep reading and find out what the best-selling video games of all time are.
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10. Wii Play

Although Nintendo’s Wii console might not be considered amongst the greatest consoles by gamers, its success is undeniable. Since Nintendo was smart enough to program it into every console, Wii Play has sold over 28.2 million copies. This game might not be the most spectacular, yet it allows players to become familiarized with the innovative controls and takes very little time to learn.

9. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Everyone who considers themselves a true gamer knows this game and has probably played it at one point or another. The first-person shooter not only has great graphics, but a very complex game-play which has made it very popular amongst teenagers and adults alike. Available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has sold 28.5 million copies.

8. New Super Mario Bros. Wii

The plumber brothers are back! The game for Nintendo’s Wii has enjoyed huge success thanks to the immense popularity of its main characters, reaching a sales volume of  30.75 million units.
New Super Mario Bros Wii

7. Wii Sports Resort

Yet another Nintendo Wii game has made it on the list of best-selling games of all time, thanks to the player-friendly controls and fairly easy gameplay. With over 32.5 million copies sold, Wii Sports Resort has become one the most popular sports game ever!
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6. Grand Theft Auto V

The newest release of the successful Grand Theft Auto series has eclipsed its predecessors, selling more than 34 million units. This game offers so many possibilities that the user will have a hard time getting bored. Whether you want to drive around, shoot at random civilians, fly a plane or simply take on the various missions, GTA V’s fictionalized city of Los Santos is huge.
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5. Mario Kart Wii

Another classic has made a comeback thanks to the Nintendo Wii. All your favorite Nintendo characters have decided to compete against each other in go-kart races, allowing you to enjoy the fun of racing, with the added bonus of being able to throw turtle shells and other fun objects from the Super Mario world.

4. Super Mario Bros.

The original Super Mario Bros was so successful that it remains one of the best-selling games of all time, despite the appearance of newer versions. Despite what are considered low-quality graphics today, this game is so much fun that even seasoned players enjoy plugging in their old console and going on adventures with the Italian plumber.
Super Mario Bros Logo

3. Minecraft

Selling more than 54 million copies, this building game has truly changed the nature of video games. There might not be any objectives to fulfill, yet the abundance of possibilities has turned Minecraft into an extremely popular game.
minecraft logo

2. Wii Sports

As one of the earliest releases for the Wii console, this game has sold more than 82.5 million copies, making it the most popular sports game of all time. Despite not being an exclusively one-sport game, Wii Sports is easy to play and offers players a wide array of activities to choose from, such as bowling, golf, tennis or baseball.
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1. Tetris

What might come as a surprise to some, will be rather self-evident for others. This simple game, which was released back in 1984, has sold more than 143 million copies! Stacking blocks and making the rows disappear is a concept that is so easy to grasp and yet so challenging at times, that everyone from children to older folks enjoy spending hours playing Tetris. The Tetris franchise is so popular in fact, that an epic science fiction movie based on the franchise is in the works, despite the obvious lack of actual material in the game for such a film.