The 10 Best Countries for Doing Business 2015

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Would you like to know which are the ten best countries for doing business in? If you are looking to start a new enterprise, or wish to expand ongoing operations, then the following list will provide you with numerous options that will make your life so much simpler. These countries have done everything possible to attract businesses, creating a pro-business environment in which companies can thrive. By reducing the amount of regulations, or making them more efficient, some nations have been able to reduce the cost of starting businesses significantly.

Construction permits, credit approval, and taxation, are only some of the areas that can have a considerable impact on businesses. The best countries for doing business have successfully combined the numerous factors involved in generating an environment where companies will grow with ease. In fact, it’s likely some of the 12 most profitable businesses we presented in a previous list might have been founded in one of these nations.

In order to determine which countries favor business the most, we decided to look at where regulations are the most business-friendly. According to information provided by the World Bank in their Doing Business 2015 report, which compares business regulations for domestic firms across 189 countries, several patterns can be highlighted. First off, being pro-business does not mean a total absence of regulations, but rather laws that make financial interactions easier and do not impact negatively on the private sector. Secondly, the highest ranking nations on the list also perform very well in macroeconomic sets comparing competitiveness and overall performance, meaning that being pro-business can surely be beneficial.

Either way, let’s just take a look at who is on the list of the ten best countries for doing business and we just may come to some interesting conclusions.

10. Australia

Starting a business is considered to be very easy in Australia, though the protection of minority investors and registering property are not as simple. Nevertheless, doing business is relatively easy in the first country on our list, the tenth best in the world.

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