The 10 Best Cities to Find Jobs in 2014

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Are you aware of which are the ten best cities to find jobs in 2014? If you are currently looking for work and can’t seem to find employment, then moving to another city could be beneficial. Whereas some cities are currently struggling with high unemployment rates, jobs are abundant in others, as our list of the ten best cities to find jobs in 2014 will clearly demonstrate.

Clearly most people do not intend to move to another city simply due to the fact that they are having a hard time finding work. After all, there are many other factors to consider before uprooting and starting a life somewhere else. Especially those who have college degrees and already have a concrete career path behind them, are keen on getting a job in their particular field of knowledge. Skilled workers also tend to value continuity over short-term employment options, since sudden career changes can have a negative impact in the long run, making a return to the desired job less likely. Thus, before going on a wild goose chase, it would be prudent to see in what industries the ten best cities to find jobs are  offering employment.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, then be sure to also take a look at our list of The 10 Best Job Markets Today: A Country-By-Country Look. If you can’t get a job in the US, you can also start to look at other options, yet moving to another city does sound like the much easier route. Another option is also commuting, especially if the job is not too far away. So let’s take a closer look at our list of the ten best cities to find jobs in 2014 and see what they have to offer you.

10. Inland Empire Area, California

The Inland Empire, also known as the Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario metropolitan area, is the third most populous city in California and has turned into a region with huge economic potential. Jobs are abundant, especially in distribution, warehousing and manufacturing.

9. New York, New York

The Big Apple is always hiring, and in 2014, things are not much different than they were in 1954. If you are out of work, moving to New York might just be the right thing to do, particularly for college graduates. Business and professional services are frequent employers, with areas such as finance, fashion and technology booming.

8. Hudson Valley, New York

If you like small towns but still want to be close to a big city, then you should consider the Hudson Valley area as a new place of residence. There are plenty of opportunities if you are looking for a job in accounting, regulatory assurance, and in the healthcare industry.
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Our list of the best cities to find jobs in 2014 leaves New York state and tours the country beginning on the next page.

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