Templeton & Phillips Capital Management’s Q1 Commentary – India

Templeton and Phillips Capital Management is a Chattanooga, Tennessee-based value investing boutique and the general partner to the Globla Maximum Pessimism Fund. It was launched by Lauren Templeton in 2001 (in the beginning, it was called Templeton Capital Management). The fund’s founding was supported by a famous British investor and philanthropist, Sir John Templeton, who provided $30 million of seed money. Recently, the fund has released its Q1 Commentary, a copy of which you can track down below. In this report, it has shared its views on investment opportunities and the current economy in India, concluding the following:

“In closing, it is difficult to express the scope of the economic opportunity in India, particularly in a quarterly commentary. This sentiment applies even further to the general feeling of optimism that was readily detectable among Indians. India’s potential for socio-economic progress is nonlinear, and perhaps even harder to digest than its tap water. The key will rest primarily on the country’s continued embrace of leaders and policies that promote economic growth, which we believe has become more widely acknowledged among the populace.”

You can read a copy of Templeton & Phillips Captial Management’s Q1 2019 Investor Letter here.