TD Asset Management Disclosed 5.49% Passive Stake in $BIP

Brian Murdock’s TD Asset Management  reported a 5.49% stake in Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. (NYSE:BIP) Partners LP (BIP). TD Asset Management Inc now holds 7.3 M shares of the company. The stock currently trades at $25.89, and gained almost 23% so far in 2011. TD Asset Management reported no shares in the firm at the end of Q2.  The stock gained 30% in 2011.

There are some other hedge fund managers who are bullish about Brookfield Infrastructure Partners (BIP).  Mohnish Pabrai has the second largest chunk of shares in BIP with 1.8 M shares. Other than that, Martin Whitman with his Third Avenue Management has the third largest chunk of shares which is 418,000 shares; in other words, 0.3% of the firm. It is crystal clear that Brian Murdock’s TD Asset Management Inc has the largest shares in the firm now.  On the other hand, Richard Perry’s Perry Capital was the only firm sold out all of its shares after Q1.

TD Asset Management Inc was founded in 1987 with base in Toronto, Ontario. TD is a investment manager firm. The firm services to individuals, governments, pension funds, corporations, charitable organizations, and various sized businesses by investing in the public equity and fixed income markets. Brian Andrew Murdock, the CEO, joined the firm in August 2009. Prior to this position, he served as president and CEO of the New York Life Investment Management Holdings LLC. Murdock graduated from Cornell University’s ILR School with a focus on Economics in 1978.

According to Yahoo Finance “Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. operates in utilities, transport and energy, and timber sectors. The company operates a port facility, which exports metallurgical and thermal coal mined in the Bowen Basin region of Queensland, Australia; approximately 8,200 kilometers (KM) of transmission lines in Chile; and approximately 550 km of 44 kV to 230 kV transmission lines in the province of Ontario, Canada, as well as involves in the distribution of electricity and natural gas to approximately 420,000 connections in New Zealand, and 435,000 connections in the United Kingdom. It also operates approximately 15,500 KM of natural gas pipelines in the United States; approximately 5,100 KM of track and related infrastructure in southwestern Australia; Teesport and Hartlepool in the United Kingdom; a portfolio of port concessions in Europe and China; and a network of 730 KM gas distribution lines in Australia, as well as involves in the natural gas retail business and the distribution of liquid petroleum gas and natural gas in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man. In addition, the company owns approximately 419,000 acres of freehold timberlands in British Columbia, Canada, and the Pacific northwest region of the United States. Brookfield Infrastructure Partners Limited serves as a general partner of Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. founded in 2007 and is based in Hamilton, Bermuda.”