Taylor Morrison Home Corp (TMHC), Tri Pointe Homes Inc (TPH): Check Out These New IPOs

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tri pointeHome builders are excited about the surge in demand for homes. But with an increase in demand, other obstacles arise–specifically, the cost of lumber and building supplies has increased faster than home appraisal values. Some mid-sized companies are struggling to finance the costs of new home building. All in all, this industry still looks profitable to investors – especially after a slight decline in stock prices since the beginning of April. Here are a few IPOs in the home building industry for investors to consider.

The new kid on the block

Taylor Morrison Home Corp (NYSE:TMHC) held its IPO on April 10, and its stock has increased by nearly 10%. Taylor Morrison Home Corp (NYSE:TMHC) is a home builder that operates in five states and in Canada. It builds single-family residences, high-rise communities and develops land.

For the last twelve months, the company has brought in $1.44 billion in revenue. On this revenue, the company earned $430 million. It recently purchased Dallas and Houston home builder Darling Homes.

Revenues have been growing for the last three years while overall costs have declined. In 2012, total revenues grew by 4.8%. Net income shot up from $71 million to $430 million due to an income tax credit of $260 million. Without this tax credit, net income would have been around $119 million – still a 67% increase from 2011.

In all of 2012, the company closed on 4,500 homes. In January and February of 2013, the company closed on nearly 1,000 homes — it is already seeing a lot of growth this year.

With such a recent IPO, it is difficult to project where the stock and company will go. But, the home building industry should see major growth in the next year. Taylor Morrison Home Corp (NYSE:TMHC) is a great company — watch as it proves its worth in the public eye.

The almost-new kid on the block

Taylor Morrison Home Corp (NYSE:TMHC) isn’t the first home builder to hold an IPO this year; Tri Pointe Homes Inc (NYSE:TPH) had its IPO on Jan. 31. This company is considerably smaller than Taylor Morrison, with a market cap of only $539 million.

Tri Pointe Homes Inc (NYSE:TPH) recently announced it the acquisition of 301 lots in Southern California. It plans on opening one new community at the end of this year and three more in 2014 in these locations. These homes will be priced between $400,000 and $600,000.

The company has only been around for 3.5 years and closed on only 144 homes in 2012. It has enough land and lots in development to carry production into 2015. For the short-term, at least, the company should see excellent earnings growth.

Tri Pointe Homes Inc (NYSE:TPH) barely compares to large home builders in terms of homes closed. PulteGroup, Inc. (NYSE:PHM) closed on 4,162 homes during 2012 and had 1,256 under construction or already completed. Adding its 1,119 model homes, it had over 6,500 total homes during 2012. It expects to grow its total production this year as it completes its backlog orders. PulteGroup, Inc. (NYSE:PHM) is considerably larger than Tri Pointe with a market cap over $7.1 billion.

Tri Pointe Homes Inc (NYSE:TPH) is a very small competitor but it has a lot of growth potential. Investors should keep an eye on this company for the next year or so.

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